A Teaching given by Presence of the One

in the form of answers to questions

162 Worry, part 3
162 Worry, part 2
162 Worry, part 1


161 The change in voice


160 The Father One
159 Blessings for the situation in the world


158 About Thought 126
157 Payment of bills and acquisitions/purchases according to the phases of the moon
156 Help and Support – Addition 1


155 Prayer for the 23rd day of the month
154 Help and support
153 Whose son is Jesus?
152 Expressing Gratitude to Higher Beings of Light
151 Prophecies
150 Infidelity
149 How to stop judging
148 COVID-19, Part 3
147 COVID-19, Part 2
146 COVID-19, Part 1


145 Hanging out washing at direct sunlight and something more
144 Black colour on things at home
143 Conditions for the manifestation of the purifying power of the fire
142 Cleansing after staying on the Internet and protecting the good karma
141 Identifying GMO
140 Full-Moon Water and a Lunar Eclipse
139 Presence during service in a temple and participation in church rituals/ordinance
138 Righteousness and the Common family righteous field
137 Dressing up someone alive for a dead person
136 Carrying the cross at a funeral
135 Reaching the age of majority in spirituality
134 Gifts and Blessings
133 Stopped development of a child
132 New home and death
131 Making bread
130 5th addition on the topic 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf'
129 Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 steps for the cancellation of illusory thoughts and feelings and elimination of their harmful effect'
128 The benefit from the harm
127 Cleaning after regaining health
126 Going to Mars
125 Repeated training
124 Safe Blessing
123 Harmful illusory feelings
122 Sleeping during the day or at night


121 Multiplication and Divine multiplication
120 'Time, Times and Halftime' and 'forever and in all Times'
119 Recommendations about speech
118 The Messages-Pictures
117 The benefit from hard work during the New Moon and the Full Moon (during the first 3 days)
116 Longevity of the Japanese
115 Spiritual Practice 'Cancelation of illusory words'
114 How to bury your close ones
113 Family health and happiness
112 Repenting for faster and complete healing
111 What to do to bring forth a child whose Soul is in the Light Network?
110 Transformation of the illusion into Light through a blessing. And about the new network of the illusion
109 A person's desire to get rid of someone
108 Preserving the energy after carrying out a Spiritual Practice
107 Observing human laws
106 Addition to Q&A 88
105 Does destiny exist?
104 Wood nymphs
103 An addition to Parts 2 and 5 on the topic 'Thracians and Jews'
102 A Great Mercy for returning our seized energy
101 The formula of Success in working out the perfection of living without condemnation and irritation
100 Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians, Part 7
99 Thracians and Jews, Part 6
98 Thracians and Jews, Part 5
97 Thracians and Jews, Part 4
96 Thracians and Jews, Part 3
95 Thracians and Jews, Part 2
94 Thracians and Jews
93 Addition on the topic of Question and answer 77 'Are there any entities from the network of the darkness who have specialised for me?'
92 How to deal with a child who ...
91 Contact with the Master on the subtle plane
90 The Fortune Loaf or Fortune Pastry for the New Year's Eve
89 4th addition on the topic 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf'
88 With or without a wedding ceremony
87 Unlawful intrusions
86 Return to the Light Network
85 The Difference Between the Spiritual Practices of the Twelve Bows and the Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in Seven Steps
84 An important recommendation about performing a longer ministry
83 All Forgiveness
82 Dead souls and the new network of the illusion
81 Coming into and going out of incarnation
80 An addition to 'Forgiveness in the three steps'. Should the first step of the Forgiveness be said differently with regards to people in the Light Network and those from the different networks of the illusion?
79 When asking a personal question, it is good to leave some contact details so that the answer could be sent back
78 The key to achieving karmic purity and How to realise that we are doing something sinful
77 Are there any entities from the network of the darkness who have specialised for me?
76 100% into the Light Network
75 A second addition to the topic of singing
74 Collaborators, helpers and instigators
73 Reduction of the illusory part
72 When is the Nativity of Christ to be celebrated
71 Orthoepy
70 3rd addition on the topic 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf'


69 The 2nd addition on the subject 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf'
68 1st addition on the topic 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf'
67 Holes in clothes, bedding and carpets
66 The exact enunciation of the name when requesting help from a close person
65 When does pain and/or illness appear
64 Recovery of the energy withdrawn by the members of your own family
63 Reaching a certain threshold of the percentages of the worked-off karma
62 Forgiveness to yourself in 3 steps
61 Leaving a sick close person alone at home for a short period
60 Purification of newly acquired used items
59 Surrogate food
58 Liberation from an external presence in one’s thoughts and feelings
57 The prophecies of Fatima in Portugal
56 Car driving speed
55 In case someone hits an animal on the road – 'Repentance in 3-steps' and three conditions for safe travel
54 When is falling asleep harmful
53 An invocation before sexual intercourse between spouses
52 A treat against one’s will
51 Blocking of the illusory part
50 Which souls will be able to come into incarnation on the planet Earth after the Great Transition
49 The practice of Forgiveness with a person who has lost his purity
48 When is the practice 'Forgiveness' executed with good quality
47 5 + 1 most important conditions for recuperation, return to life and gradual to full recovery
46 An invocation to the animals from the networks of the illusion
45 A field of harmfulness
44 What should be done when someone feels something wrong while performing the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness'
43 Success achieved through the methods of the networks of the illusion
42 What happens when a member of a group passes into the network of the darkness, even though temporarily
41 Regarding the Messages of the Ascended Beings of Light
40 Additional questions from readers of the UNIFICATION website with regards to singing in front of other people and personal creativity
39 Singing and whistling with a mouth while travelling
38 The moment when the karma comes out to be worked off
37 When does a person take others’ karma
36 When are moles itchy?
35 Moles
34 An additional question on singing
33 0:00 o'clock
32 A Guidance from Presence of the One
31 Answers to questions on the topic 'Forgiveness with the others'
30 Radiant and all-forgiving
29 Consent to exit from incarnation
28 Singing in front of other people
27 Liberation from illusory desires and thoughts
26 Forgiveness with the others
25 Mentioning representatives of the illusion
24 Karmic purity protects
23 Refusal of violence and Forgiveness in the three steps
22 Recovering after an energy intervention
21 The wheat for giving out
20 Missed work
19 Blessing of the food
18 Temporary losses
17 A home in which a person has deceased
16 Buying a car that has been in an accident
15 One should accept everything
14 Jumping over а fence
13 The Promethean fire
12 A recipe for good health
11 Order, cleanliness and tidiness
10 Knitting and unknitting
9 Blessing at bedtime
8 The connection between a mother and her aborted child
7 Utilisation of time
6 Answers to questions on the topic of Q&A 2
5 Sungazing
4 Transformation of the negative karma created by sinful thoughts, feelings, words and deeds


3 Forgiveness of the original sin
2 The most important thing for these times
1 The coin in the loaf on Christmas Eve