Messages of the Ascended Beings of Light

Recommendations of the Ascended Beings of Light:
Everyone personally bears karmic responsibility for not applying the received knowledge in his/her life.
Everyone personally bears karmic responsibility also for not informing the others to whom he/she gives this knowledge about the karmic responsibility for not applying the received knowledge in their lives.
(Additional information regarding karmic responsibility - see the Message from Lord Sanat Kumara given on 22 November 2010)

Master Morya New announcement, 22 June 2010
Beloved Babaji Teaching on Labour, 06 July 2010
Beloved Helena Ivanovna Time for self-study, 12 July 2010
Master Saint Germain Daily self-perfecting, 13 July 2010
Lordess Pallas Athena Achieving Positivity, 14 July 2010
The Most Holy Mother of God Support, 16 July 2010
Master Koot Hoomi The way to more favourable development of the events on the planet, 20 July 2010
Lord Maitreya Practical measures for the transition from the world of the illusion to the Divine world, 21 July 2010
Lordess Pallas Athena Harmonisation of the relations with nature, 22 July 2010
Lord Surya Help for the transmutation of your negative karmic records into Light and your illusory part into Light, 23 July 2010
Lady Master Clare Recommendations on reading the Violet Flame Decrees, 28 July 2010
Beloved Lanello Teaching on self-control, 30 July 2010
John the Beloved Teaching on the right use of Word, 04 August 2010
Master Morya Good luck!, 05 August 2010
Beloved Zarathushtra Raise your flame to the Higher octaves of Light and merge it with the Divine Fire!, 06 August 2010
Portia, Goddess of Divine Justice Support from Above for the realisation of the Lord's Grace for fulfilment of your requests, desires and intentions, 18 August 2010
Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy and Compassion A talk about the right communication between you, 19 August 2010
Buddha Vairochana Information about the work that awaits you, 09 November 2010
Lord Sanat Kumara Additional information, 22 November 2010
Lordess Pallas Athena Brief Teaching on Blessing, 27 November 2010
John the Beloved Blessing the food, 23 December 2010


Lord Sanat Kumara Logic of the events, 07 April 2011
Master Morya Important instructions, 08 April 2011
Lord Surya The day of your Liberation from the networks of the illusion, 09 April 2011
Lord Shiva Change the direction of your thoughts and feelings towards the Higher octaves of Light and constantly keep your consciousness in connection with the Higher octaves of Light, 10 April 2011
Beloved Helena Ivanovna The picture of the Bright Future, 11 April 2011
Beloved Lanello Protection against manifestations of the illusion, 12 April 2011
Master Koot Hoomi Ray of Hope, 13 April 2011
Master Serapis Bey Recommendations on an easier way to protect yourselves and successfully continue your evolution, 14 April 2011 and 06 October 2019
The Great Divine Director Give additional help to RAIMA (the Earth), 15 April 2011
Lord Maitreya A recommendation to my disciples, 16 April 2011
Lordess Pallas Athena Change in the way of life, 17 April 2011
Master Morya Preserve your treasure and use it only when you need to save yourselves and the Living Life on this planet, 18 April 2011
Lord Surya Use the rescue rope to help you stay on the Path and successfully move forward, 10 July 2011
Lordess Pallas Athena Application of the Divine Law of non-interference into the manifestation of other people's free will without their explicit demand and request for that, 15 July 2011
Lord Sanat Kumara Help for upliftment of consciousness, 18 July 2011
Lord Shiva Declare with your behaviour your intention to live in the New World in accordance with the Laws of this Universe, 22 July 2011
The Most Holy Mother of God Help for the Motherland, 26 July 2011
Lord Maitreya Remember the critical importance of the shorter times in which you are living now, 05 August 2011
Master Saint Germain Instruction for the front team of light bearers, 10 August 2011
Master Kut Hооmi Continuation of the talk about the conception of your children, 12 August 2011
Master Morya Learn to write beautifully and to apply that every day, 20 August 2011
Lord Eliseya It depends on yourselves – on every one of you – where you will continue your evolution and from which level, 24 August 2011
Beloved Guan Yin To help close people, 27 August 2011
Lord Lanto Teaching on the importance of distinction – the signs on your Path, 19 September 2011
Beloved Babaji Be yourself in your relationship with God, 01 October 2011


Lord Sanat Kumara Guidance for preparation before starting any work in spirituality, 24 January 2012
Lord Sanat Kumara Utilise the Divine tools which we have given you so that they can help you, 09 May 2012
Lordess Pallas Athena The best actions are preventive actions and timely actions, and I recommend them to you!, 10 May 2012
Beloved Guan Yin A few practical tips, 11 May 2012
Master Saint Germain A new Divine Grace, 12 May 2012
I AM THAT I AM Relationship with your Higher I AM Presence, 13 May 2012
Lord Gautama Buddha Time to choose, 15 May 2012
Master Morya I invoke you to act!, 16 May 2012
Lord Sanat Kumara Every day is important! Every instant is important!, 25 September 2012
Lord Shiva Often repeat with Love 'Thank You, Lord!', 26 September 2012
Beloved Babaji Differentiation and Choice, 27 September 2012
Lord Jesus Life is Joy, life is Kindness with God in the hearts and with help from the Heavens!, 28 September 2012
The Most Holy Mother of God I have come to inspire Hope in you and help you!, 29 September 2012
Master Saint Germain Bravely step forward toward the New Day!, 30 September 2012
Beloved Lanello New Divine opportunity, 01 October 2012
Master Koot Hoomi A useful talk, 02 October 2012
Master Morya May Divine Wisdom, Divine Love and Divine Power reside in you and guide you in your choices and actions from now on, 03 October 2012
Lord Jesus Continuation of the Teaching of Healing, 06 November 2012


Lord Sanat Kumara It is the ultimate time for you to act in the right direction, 21 March 2013
Lord Shiva Be awake! Be aspired to work off the purity of all your bodies!
And be self-disciplined and persistent in that!, 22 March 2013
Elohim Peace In Peace, Kindness and Harmony reside always!, 23 March 2013
Master Saint Germain News from the Karmic Board of the planet, 24 March 2013
Lord Eliseya Work every day and make your planet shine like a sun with your Light!, 25 March 2013
Lord Surya The practice of the White Path, 26 March 2013
Buddha Vairochana Guidance on the reading of our Messages, 27 March 2013
Beloved Sarathustra Let the fire of Divine Love ardently flare up in each of you, so then you share it with the whole world!, 28 March 2013
Master Morya Timely guidance, 29 March 2013
Presence of the One Gift Given Divine Opportunity, 24 September 2013


Lord Sanat Kumara Teaching on Joy, 22 March 2014
Lord Surya Regarding your work on the 23rd day of the month, 23 March 2014
Lord Shiva Your work in the spirituality, 24 March 2014
Lord Gautama Buddha Expresses the Wisdom and Love in Divine Words, behaviour and emanation towards all Living Beings, 25 March 2014
Lordess Pallas Athena Work in spirituality in a group, 28 March 2014
The Most Holy Mother of God Move out to live in freedom, purity and silence!, 29 March 2014
Lord Jesus Now is the moment for anyone who would succeed to catch the lifeline
that would get him out of the swamp of the illusion!, 30 March 2014
Master Morya New Divine Grace, 31 March 2014
Lord Sanat Kumara Your task is to save your soul now, in these times, 18 July 2014
Lord Shiva It's time for you to act!, 19 July 2014
Lord Surya Teaching on change of the consciousness, 20 July 2014
Lordess Pallas Athena I teach you to free from violence in your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and to keep your consciousness clean, 21 July 2014
Lord Gautama Buddha The most important and essential points of the Teachings so far, 22 July 2014
Lord Alpha Learn to make Divine choices, 23 July 2014
Lady Master Nada Talk about family relations, 24 July 2014
Beloved Portia Extraordinary Message, 25 July 2014
Beloved Guan Yin I suggest that you continuously provide support to the planet Earth and all Living beings on it in these transitional times, 26 July 2014
Master Morya New Message, 27 July 2014