Q & A 161

The change in voice

A question sent to Rositsa Avela from France on 19 August 2023, and its answer given by the Presence of the One on 28 August 2023


Question: Dear Father One, if it is according to Your Holy Will, I ask you to explain what the change in a person’s voice means – when several people notice that there is such a change, what could it be due to?
Thank You, Dear Father One, for the answer, the Support and the Help.

Answer: The change in a person’s voice can be due to many different causes and root causes, for example:

= illness of the vocal cords, throat, etc. This is certainly conditioned by karma, i.e. this is how a certain type of negative karma is worked off;

= passing from the network of Light to the network of the darkness and vice versa;

= higher elevation in the Light, i.e. reaching a higher level – when a person begins to speak more clearly, distinctly, softly, kindly, with Divine Love, answers patiently...;

= greater increase of evil/darkness in a person, i.e. rise/advancement in the hierarchy of the respective network of the illusion;

= affected by magic, envy – the person’s voice has been a subject of envy, the person has been affected by a curse, or kin negative karma has opened for working off, etc.

Yes, there are other reasons as well, for example:

= when some representatives of one of the networks of the illusion interfere with the person who is a Being of Light by harming his voice at that moment because he himself gave them a reason to do so;

= when it comes to confrontations between representatives of some networks of the illusion which harm each other...

Yes, these are all causes, and there may be many and all kinds of root causes for these causes that determine them.