Spiritual work

Beginning of any work in spirituality Five Rules-Guidelines for the conservation of the Purity, for the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times
Invocations and Word-formulas Spiritual practice
"Repentance and Forgiveness"
Prayers Songs for multiplication of the Joy,
Love and Gratitude
Blessings and Words of Gratitude Messages-Pictures "Help
from the Higher octave of Light"
1-30  31-60  61-90  91-120  121-150  151-180
 181-210  211-240  241-270  271-300
The Violet Flame Decrees Poems-Guidelines for every day
1-15  16-30  31-45  46-60  61-75  76-90
  91-105  106-120  121-135  136-150 
Meditation for the Earth Spiritual practice "Work on the speech
for its transformation into Word"
God's Commandments Breathing exercise
Transformation of the negative karma
created by sinful
thoughts, feelings, words and deeds
Spiritual Practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps"


Explanations of some words and phrases