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Dear friends, by fulfilling the instruction of Lord Eliseya in his Message on 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for creation of a Divine pattern, I have begun writing poems, which I joyfully share with you and which might be useful to everyone in whom burns the Fire of the Living Life, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela




The Forces of Light help each Living Soul,

who demands, sincerely wishes and ask for it.

Each time that help increases and becomes bigger and bigger

if he person thank Them wholeheartedly for it with joy

and lit up the Heavenly spheres with his Light and Divine Love!


8 June 2013




Perhaps everyone has asked himself at some point

what is the meaning of this life

and everyone has come to some conclusion,

but have you ever thought,

that we are here and now,

in these transitional times

to correct as much as we can

all past mistakes

since thousands of years ago

and to lay the foundations

for the next thousands of years,

that lay ahead!


9 June 2013




Remember Lords's Commandments and Laws

and apply them into practice in your live,

as thus you stop the accumulation

of a new negative karma

and create an opportunity for yourselves

to do the right

from the Divine perspective choices

in each situation of life,

that is given to you from Above to help

in transmutation of each consecutive

negative karmic record,

which time for working off

has come at that time!


10 June 2013




Everyone in whom burns the Fire of Living Life

may feel happy,

as long as he elevates his consciousness

and consciously accepts his life

as the greatest gem

and the highest good,

given to him as a gift by the Father!


11 June 2013


below line

Because all of us in whom burns the Fire of Living Life are actually inherently happy!

The important thing is to understand that, feel it and live in this state consciously!




Children are a Divine Gift

and usually come exactly these

with whom it is necessary to work off

a pre-set plan

for karmic liberation

and soul’s salvation!


12 June 2013




Sing songs that make your heart and soul feel at ease,

sing songs that increase your Joy and Divine Love,

sing songs that make you feel happy,

united with God within you and the whole Creation of the Father!

Sing always when you want to sing and when you are harmonious,

thanking for the help, that is given from Above to the Children of the Earth!


6 July 2013




Wisdom is acquired in silence and solitude,

but Wisdom may also be acquired in the effervescence of life –

in Joy and Gratitude,

in "difficulties", "suffering" and "deprivation",

in Humility and Patience.

Each of these two Paths is good

and if we ask for help it may be Divinely supported!


9 July 2013




To teach our children to work

is a great Mercy, even greater good

and manifestation of the highest Divine Love;

teaching them to do housework,

to help in the work of their loved ones

and to strive that others should be well, first!


A negative karma creates each parent

who due to misunderstood love

deprives his child

from the joy of the fruitful labour

from happiness that brings the care for all Living beings

and from the dignity to be able to cope alone

with the challenges of Life!


11 July 2013




The White Path* is a Path strewn with thorns and roses.

It is a Path of trial but also of knowledge and anointing!

Liberation, Transfiguration and Enlightenment awaits the one,

who would continue to progress on it onward and upward!


If such is their will,

I Bless all the children of God who are here and now,

to progress on it until they arrive at Home,

having acquired new, bright clothes and finer bodies!


May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!



18 July 2013


below line

* some Teachers call it the Rose Path




Rejoice your Master of the Hierarchy of Light,

rejoice your Mighty I AM Presence

by residing in Light, Peace and Divine Love

and learning to calmly accept the traps of the illusion

when it acts through the people closest to your heart

and sometimes mainly through them!


22 July 2013




Use a smallest amount of resources –

just as much as you really need.

When you buy something, whatever it is,

get the highest quality goods

because they then cost the cheapest,

bring joy and satisfaction all the time

while you use them!


23 July 2013




Find some free time

and start writing down

how many times during the day

you have lost your Joy

and became subject

to the negativity!


Repent and ask the Father

for forgiveness at evening!


Ask for help

with all you heart

to be given to you from Above

so that the next day

you would handle

that better!


24 July 2013





If negative thoughts and feelings

come to you,

send them right away

and replace them with the thought

that you are a being woven of Light,

which Light dispels all the darkness,

and feel the Love

that Send to you

all Living Beings!


25 July 2013


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The one who observe the Low of the Divine Tithe

and sets apart what is due to God,

receives help from Above

to work better and have money more and more!

Then, if he observes

the Divine Rule for the Donation to God

that in turn protects him

from receiving a negative karma from the one

his money are coming from!


26 July 2013




Embrace all Living beings

with your Divine Love, Light and Compassion,

which primarily was given to you by the Father!

Embrace them in the same way

as droplets of the dew and rain

reach every Living being,

as the air fills the world,

as Helios lit the whole Earth!


27 July 2013


© Rositsa Avela

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