Poems-Guidelines for every day

Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


Go to sleep on time,

and before that elevate yourself as much as you can to God

so that you wake up in the morning on time

when your Soul is still in the Higher octaves, in Light,

before it descends to the astral levels during the sleep!


7 July 2015


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Note from Rositsa Avela:

I receive most of the poems-guidance from my Higher I AM Presence, who guides me early in the morning with a given verse, which then often becomes crucial for me on that day, as well as for the future. These poems-guidances could be beneficial for everyone as they are in support of the Teaching given to us in these times by the Ascended Masters from the Hierarchy of Light.


Find something to work on at every moment

as time accelerates its pace,

and every lost minute

equates to more and more.

The more time the clock counts down,

the more valuable every minute becomes!


9 July 2015


Go outdoors for the sunrise with your loved ones,

stay in nature

farther away from the settlements’ domes,

and enjoy together

the purity and silence,

and thank the birds for their songs,

thank the flowers for the scent, too,

also thank the Earth

for the help that it gives you

to be in Peace and Harmony

with all Living beings

and to live in the Law of the Father.


10 July 2015


The best for everyone in these times

is to be in most complete and accurate observance

of the Teaching that is being given from Above here and now!

And to be in most complete and accurate observance

of the Divine guidance that he is given

in order to be well in these times!


11 July 2015


Whatever you do

be in moderation,

maintain the balance

and strive to be in the golden mean!


12 July 2015


Remember the Lord's Commandments and Laws

and observe them in your life,

and make each decision so

that it is compliant with them

in order to be constantly in God

and to maintain and increase your protection

more and more in the times ahead!


13 July 2015


Enjoy every moment

of this embodiment of yours

on the planet Earth

because it is only one,

here and now, in these times of transition,

and it is extremely valuable

for the progress along the Path to Home – to the Father.


14 July 2015


Ask your heart whether it wants you to live into the illusion

under the dome of the city,

but ask it after you have lived

at least for a few days in nature in silence and purity,

in greatest gratitude to the Father,

in peace and accepting God's blessing!

And listen to the call of your heart and fulfil it quickly,

as the time for moving out of the city

is almost over!


15 July 2015


Joy gushes from the hearts of all Living beings –

joy, gratitude and praise to the Father

for the coming of the great Joy and Purity

everywhere on the planet Earth;

they lie ahead,

and the time is coming, and the moment approaches

for them to establish on the physical plane, too!


16 July 2015


Merge with the flow of the busy times

and give the best of yourself in

what you do every day!

Do that with Joy and with ease

without unnecessary tension and stress,

but also without slacking

so that you have a constant progress

and all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds

are good-fruitful

in the Light network of the planet Earth!


17 July 2015


Each God’s day:


Work – karma-yoga helps everyone

to save himself,

to discern, distinguish and separate

from the forces of the illusion

and to thank the Father joyously!


The application of the Teaching

given from Above here and now

and the observance of the Law of the Father

helps everyone

to stay pure in these times,

to preserve his energy

and to continue his evolution

in the network of Light!


18 July 2015


It would be good in today's busy times

for everyone to do first his most important work

and then to continue his work according to the priority,

and to thank for the help

that is given to him from Above

to easily and successfully cope

with the tasks for the day!


19 July 2015


What is best and saves a person in these times

is to diligently work here and now.

The least advisable is to work anyhow,

one needs to work from morning to evening

while being constantly in joy

and having the best quality in his work!


20 July 2015


It would be good for everyone to start

to clean well and to sort in a New – Divine Order

everything in his life at all possible levels:

thoughts, feelings, words,

within his Soul,

within his physical temple,

within the space that he inhabits

so that the energies can flow freely

and increase many times

his protection, creativity and Joy!


21 July 2015


Everyone in these times

has to make choices about various things,

but in fact, the choices are always exactly two:

darkness or Light;

either a man leaves himself to be subservient to the illusion

or he chooses to reside every moment in God

now, forever and ever!


22 July 2015