Poems-Guidelines for every day

Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


When the wind blows around you,

playing with your hair and clothes – stop.

Rejoice and thank!


Do the same when Helios shines on you,

and when the rain pours on you.

Rejoice and thank!


Also rejoice and thank

Mother Earth

on which you walk and live now!


So that you grow up quicker

and walk on it again

in the future brighter times!


22 March 2014


Devote the good karma that you create on every 23rd day

to transform completely into Light

the negative karma for the whole next month

of all for which applies the Holy Will of the Father!


Joyfully try to create good karma as much as you can

because it will be Divinely multiplied

with the good karma created by all the Bright souls

on that day, which is blessed and supported by God!


23 March 2014


Work blessed from Above awaits us –

we need to work in Joy

and in observance of our Father’s Law!


We need to work in understanding,

in Peace, with Divine Love between each other

and in Wisdom!


Thus, we will become the people of the New Order of the Golden Age

that apply in fullness their Divine qualities and virtues

and always reside in Joy!


24 March 2014


Ask your heart what it desires

and you will feel that it is at ease and in Joy

only when you are in God,

when your Divine Love and care for all children of God

within you flickers and flames!


25 March 2014


Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord, for the Grace,

for Your Father's Love and care for us every day and every hour!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


26 March 2014


Bless every day as your heart tells you,

and when it is silent say the following:

'I bless Mother Earth and all Living beings

to joyfully reside in Purity, Freedom and Unity

with the whole Creation living in the Law of the Father

now, forever and ever!


And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!



27 March 2014


When the dawn comes,

it would be wonderful to perform your spiritual practice

and reside in the Joy that reigns in the Heavens

while you are in ministry!


Then, whatever you do throughout the day

can also bring joy to you

if you bless that morning Joy of yours to transfer

to all Light beings who touch the fruits of your labour.


28 March 2014


Having an intention and desire to move towards God is good,

but it is better to turn these into deeds,

and it is best when you get free from all these

as you are in God, observing the Law of the Father,

and God constantly dwells in your temple in fullness!


29 March 2014


The Homeland is something sacred,

and it would be good for everyone

to bless his Homeland and his people, with all his heart,

to reside in Joy, Peace and Divine Love,

in Purity, Freedom, and in better and better implementation

of the Divine Commandments and Laws and in Blessing,

according to the Holy Will of the Father!


31 March 2014


Blessing can be something great

now and in the upcoming times

if properly blessed –

selflessly, unconditionally for the benefit of all Living beings,

being in nature in peace and purity,

having an entirely positive tune

and a gaze, directed towards God and the Father!


2 April 2014


The birds sing beautifully,

the herbs smell healingly,

the wind gently rustles,

and the whole space rejoices and vibrates

when Joyful you are,

with a song on your mouth

and with gratitude to God in your soul!


3 April 2014


The one who resides in nature,

watching and observing it with admiration,

is given to See,

and when he happily listens to the bird songs,

he is given to Hear

when he is in God

and creates Divine patterns!


4 April 2014


Accept differences without condemnation

and be in the Law of the Lord,

and without bringing yourself to the fore and giving yourself as an example,

transform your entire life

into a Divine pattern for the Living souls!


5 April 2014


May Kindness stream from your eyes

whoever you look at

and whatever you see!


Send Gratitude towards the Father

whatever your ears listen to

and whatever you hear!


May purest Divine Love stream out of your heart

even when someone is trying to hurt you and upset you,

as if he had known what he was doing at that moment,

he would have hardly caused it to himself!


22 April 2014


There is work for all

who give their free Will

in the hands of God –

work on the transformation

of each negative manifestation

first in themselves and then

everywhere in the world!


23 April 2014