Poems-Guidelines for every day

Dear friends, in fulfilment of Lord Eliseya’s instruction given in his Message from 25 March 2013, after a call to my Highest I AM Presence and Elohim Apollo to give me their assistance for the creation of a Divine pattern, I began writing poems, which I am sharing with you with a lot of joy and which could be useful to everyone in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, if they are applied in life.

Rositsa Avela


Reward from Above is meant for everyone

who succeeds to accept

the Teaching applied in practice by our Teachers,

when he starts implementing It

into his life

and train others, who are ready and want this!


1 May 2013


We should always remember

all the guidance given from Above

and also, we should strive

to implement it precisely, with quality and on time.

so that our Soul can take

the oil God anoints us with.


2 May 2013


Light spreads everywhere

and all becomes Brighter,

when the Soul resides in Joy

and builds with Divine Love

the New Order of the Golden Age!


3 May 2013


Guard the purity of your temple

as the apple of your eyes!

Be in God all the time

and give up all that is illusory!


4 May 2013


Give up the selfishness,

demand, sincerely wish and ask for help from Above

to receive and share with others all

that is good from the Fathers point of view!

Then the Divine Blessing is multiplied,

and more and faster help from Above is given

to all Bright Souls

in whom the fire of the Living Life is burning,

an inspiration for good deeds is given to them,

and they are supported!


6 May 2013


Even breathing is good,

balanced diet is also good,

smooth and calm movements are good

and weighed speech is good.

All these helps to keep

Harmony in the Soul, Peace and Joy

that are even greater good,

which helps in turn

to be connected with God within us,

which is the greatest Good!


7 May 2013


There is work for each student,

it includes in the first place

conscious cleaning of all lower bodies

in joy and without pretending to be a martyr!


8 May 2013


Think in a new way – positively,

accept all that happens creatively

by remaining in Peace, Harmony and the highest calm,

with the Faith that all that is happening will bring good fruit,

for this is what saves your Soul

and prepares it to enter

the New Order of the Golden Age on the planet Earth!


9 May 2013


Let the past go away,

leave the future in the hands of God,

focus only on the current day

your full attention and vigilant consciousness!

Spend it wisely, live it full of value,

in observance of the God’s Commandments and Laws

and applying the given Teaching!


10 May 2013


Hear the new music

which sounds from celestial spheres,

the music of Peace, Joy and Divine Love

that pour over the whole Earth

here, now and in the times ahead!


11 May 2013


Create good karma that will help you in the times to come.

Let your heart guide you, do good

by sowing kind thoughts and feelings

in the space around you,

your word being without sin and

your deeds – good-fruitful!


12 May 2013


Rainbow is a gift donated from Above,

and when you see it,

stop all that you are doing,

joyfully turn towards it

and thank the Father wholeheartedly!


13 May 2013


Lighten up everything with the Light that your Soul emanates

wherever you go,

strengthen and uphold your Faith in God,

pass to others the Hope for a Bright future,

and give your Divine Love to Mother Earth and all that is Alive!


14 May 2013


The more you work

on your cleansing at all levels,

the more you will start feeling

your oneness with all Living beings!


15 May 2013


Early in the morning, at dawn,

regularly welcome the sunrise,

walking barefoot on Mother Earth in summer,

always in joy and saying a blessing!


Show that to the Bright souls

so that the future is joyful and happy for all of you

when they also start getting the Light, Wisdom and Love

streaming at this moment to you from the Home of the Father!


16 May 2013