Unification of everybody with all Divine Commandments and Laws.
Unification of everybody with his/her Higher Divine Self.
Unification of all Living beings on this planet with each other and with Mother Earth.
Unification of every Living human being with the Ascendant Beings of Light and with each particle of the Living Life in this Universe.
Unification of this planet and the Living Life on it with the other civilisations evolving in My Law and your integration into the Universal Oneness.
This is My Will about you for the future.
I AM Presence of the One
23 September 2010



Q & A 108
Preserving the energy after carrying out a Spiritual Practice

Q & A 103
An addition to Parts 2 and 5 on the topic "Thracians and Jews"

Q & A 104
The wood’s nymphs

Q & A 101
The formula of Success in working out the perfection
of living without condemnation and irritation

Q & A 102
A Great Mercy for returning our seized energy

Q & A 100
Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians, part 7

The Spiritual Practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps

Message-Picture 313 "Help from the Heavens"

Blessing by Presence of the One, 2nd January 2018