Unlawful intrusions

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Unlawful intrusions

A question sent to the website on 8 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 10 February 2018


Question: When are the intrusions of the forces of the illusion qualified as unlawful? Because we have been given the knowledge that everything is happening by Lord’s allowance/admittance if there are good reasons for something to happen – be it a karmic burden, a lesson that needs to be learned or eventually a task undertaken from Above.

Answer: There are occasions when an Ascended Being of Light, which has been incarnated to do something important, is removed from the incarnation prematurely by the forces the illusion who interfere, or who make it incapable of doing its work and fulfilling its mission. This is an unlawful interference.

It is something quite different from the admissible harmful interference which turns into the greatest benefit to man when he thanks Me with all his heart for everything that happens to him. In these cases, the statement that all evil turns into a good and it happens by Lord’s allowance/admittance is true, and it means that the Higher I AM Presence allows it to continue successfully the evolutionary development of the individual who is karmically cleansed by the event.

This rule has only one exception – when a karmically cleansed Soul came into incarnation to accomplish a specifically assigned by Me task in support of My Providence, but the Soul is harmed, and that is beyond My – the Lord’s admittance and beyond the God’s admittance for that Soul – such intrusion by the representatives of any network of the illusion is harmful and unlawful. It leads to the creation of karma in a particularly large size for the whole nation and even at the level of mankind.

If there is an unlawful intrusion, that usually leads to a change in the course of human history to a less favourable one, and to a change of My Providence for this world.

The only way out in these cases of universal sorrow when the time comes for that karma to be worked off is the universal repentance of the whole nation to Me – the Father One and the universal forgiveness to these representatives of this nation and more generally of the whole mankind, who have acted harmfully, driven by the forces of the illusion, and then all to thank Me for everything!

Then and then, when all – both old and young – repent, forgive and thank Me for everything, that is the Spiritual practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps" is done by the whole nation or even by the whole human race, dependant of to the amount of harm and the created karma, then My Providence can be changed again because people will be karmically cleansed already.

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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