Q & A 72

When to celebrate the Nativity of Christ

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 5th January 2018


Question: On which date it is better from the Lord's point of view to celebrate the Nativity of Christ – on 25th December or 7th January?

Answer: Both dates are untrue as to the birth of the Beloved Jesus, and from My point of view that is best for Him.

The people who celebrate that feast, do that mostly to honour their Teacher Jesus and give on that day a tribute, respect, and Divine Love to Him and His mother, the Holiest Mother of God. That is important, and also the ritual bread that I AM Presence of the One bless if I am honoured and invoked for that holiday in the family, and I AM given a piece of the bread.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose yourself when to celebrate it. The most important thing is that:
your own attunement is Divine;
to elevate/exalt yourself to the Highest octaves and to send forth your Divine Love to the Beloved Jesus and to the Holiest Mother of God during these festive days
and to reside in Joy!


Question: What difference it makes that 13-days offset in the calendar?

Answer: For Me it is important:
what's going on in your Souls and hearts – are they filled with Joy and Divine Love,
what is your attunement during the holidays that you choose to celebrate – is it Divine,
whether during these days you send forth more Divine Love to the Higher octaves of Light and whether you live in holiness,
so that these days are most beneficial for you.

With regards to the exact day of the week and date – that is a question of a church politics – of a human organisation, and I AM refuse to answer political questions from whichever sphere of life in your society they come from.

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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