Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



24 October 2020, by the Father One

Live so that you have time to complete every day, and day after day, the activities with the highest priority first. And, first of all, tell your close people how much you love them and send them your Divine Love.

And then throughout the day, be without judging them, however wrong they are, but forgive those representatives of the networks of the illusion who encourage your close ones on the subtle plane to behave in such a way as to provoke you to condemn them. It is best to do the Spiritual Practice of ‘Repentance, Forgiveness, and Gratitude in 7 Steps‘ more often in such cases.



3 October 2020, by Master Djwal Kul

It would be good for everyone to be extremely grateful to his/her Mother for giving birth to them, for nurturing, raising and educating them, and for putting the best of herself into them, and for giving them of her intelligence, Wisdom and the Divine qualities that she possesses!

And every year, with the greatest reverence and with Divine Love, to call her, after his birthday has passed and his complete silence has ended during the 24 hours of the day of his birthday, which begins from the moment of his birth, and to tell her how much he Loves her with the strongest Divine Love he has. And to bless her to be Alive, Healthy, Pure, long-lived and very Happy! Because whoever has a Mother in incarnation who would bless him with her Great Motherly Love for him is very lucky and happy even if he is unaware of how valuable this is!

And to hear in return her Mother's Blessing on his birthday.



2 October 2020, by Lord Alpha

My dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, when you are at a crossroads, invite, sincerely wish and ask the Father One, Me – Lord Alpha, and all the Angels and Archangels of the Heavenly Angelic Hierarchy of Light to give you help and support, and also advice in the form of something to see, hear, learn, i.e. to prompt you in any way so that you understand it. And ask your Higher Part for support on how to act best and rightly from the Lord's point of view.

And leave everything in the Lord's hands.

But every day thank the Lord and God, with all your heart and soul, and send them Divine Love. And be in full Faith that whatever happens to you is the best thing right now so that the next, better one comes, and then even better, until the time comes for the best to come, after you will have given your pure Divine Love to Us every day until then, and you will have thanked Us all from Above precisely in relation to this best!



29 September 2020, by Elohim Mir

Relax, Children of Light, as one does when lying on his back in the sea and looking at the sky, and he is overwhelmed by the feeling that he is the only one in the world and is dissolving into the universe. Everything else seems to cease to exist as he sways slightly on the surface of the water.

Remember this state of almost absolute Peace and Harmony whenever you become tense. Try to remain alone and restore it. Because afterwards, you will look at your problems from a completely different point of view – a much higher one, where they seem already insignificant and much easier to solve, because there the high is full of the solutions that you need, and each of them is better than the other one, the higher you have risen!



26 September 2020, by Lord Melchisedech

Jump from the moving train in which the whole humanity is travelling, immediately, even within a second, as the delay time has expired. After that, it will be too late. And you will survive, even if you get hurt. The train is moving and approaching an area where Living Life is dying! The structures of the Soul are destroyed, and the connections of the Soul with the Spirit and of the Soul with the body are destroyed. Then a person irretrievably loses the ability to be in connection with his Higher Self – with God!

What would happen to human bodies if the train reached and travelled in an area of strong radiation after a nuclear accident or explosion – something similar happens on the subtle plane with the subtle bodies of the Soul when exposed to 5G network radiation, to the radiation from some other, various sources in large settlements, and when being in the Internet space!



24 September 2020, by Lord Surya – Thought on the 23rd day of each month

Dear children of Light who have come to incarnate in this material world, I AM Surya have come to tell you that I support your work on the 23rd day of each month and participate in your spiritual practices when you invite Me to do so, and whenever you invite the Higher Beings of Light to join your work in spirituality.

And now I remind you to do this good deed in the very beginning of every 23rd day – immediately after the prayer given to you by Lord Shiva to invite the Higher Beings of Light, who can and wish, to join in all your work in spirituality and work in materiality on that day so that their beneficial effect may be multiplied, and you may send us Your Divine Love.



17 September 2020, by Master Moria

When you read history books about past times, including biographies of people who lived then, and watch such films, it is like a journey back in time. Every trip has its price in energy and when you go on one, you pay with your energy every time.

And since everyone has a specific limit of energy assigned to them when they come into incarnation, if you are without doing extra work and creating new good karma through making offerings to the Lord and devoting your work, dedicated to the Lord, you may find yourself without enough funds to finance your journey forward and upward in the Light, to the Lord, in difficult areas where you need help.



16 September 2020, by Master Hilarion

The best treatment of people is the preliminary one, an important part of which is the presence of

Divine Love;

Joy, Peace and Harmony;


Positive thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and equality to the manifestations of illusion;

And a healthy lifestyle – eating, sleeping, dressing, exercising…



6 September 2020, by Master Serapis Bey (published on 15 September 2020)

Watch over the Purity of your 4 lower bodies as over a Sanctuary, because it is! And guard it with all your diligence, because it is extremely worth it! Because a person who is without a sufficient degree of Purity of his 4 lower bodies will be surprised about where he will end up after passing the Portal of the Great Transition when the half-time comes.



14 September 2020, by Padma Sambhava

A person is healthy and works best after first having taken a morning walk outside or done gymnastics at home, and this gives him a good tone throughout the day. But be without thinking that housekeeping – cooking, cleaning and doing the washing, provide you with enough movement and can replace walking and gymnastics in your life, because they cannot!

Unless you go on foot with a bowl on your head to the river and back and wash your clothes there with a bat on the stones in crystal clear water, without chemical detergents.



11 September 2020, by Master Koot Hoomi

Look at the world from another angle and start the programme 'looking at and seeing, hearing and listening to the Good, the positive and the joyful only'.

And every time something happens to you that your outer consciousness classifies as 'bad', 'harmful', 'unfortunate', 'accident', etc., as soon as you thank the Lord and God that it happened, ask yourself, 'And what is the Good in this whole situation? What is the use of what happened?'

And while this is happening, or after the situation is over, ask yourself or ask your High Self to give you a hint about what you can do that will help you feel much better than before the ‘evil’ happened and to turn the evil into Good!



9 September 2020, by Lord Shiva

Work hard and more and more!

Work constantly and longer and longer!

Work nimbly and faster and faster!

This is the formula for your Salvation and survival in the time that is here and now and even more so in the time to come.



8 September 2020, by Archangel Michael and the Holiest Mother of God

By Archangel Michael:

Your protection is better when you invite Me at least twice a day, sincerely wish and ask Me to send you some of My Angels to guard you throughout the day – first, when you wake up, to guard you during the day time, and then before going to bed so that you are guarded during the night. And also, whenever you need additional help and support, you can always invoke Me again as a matter of urgency, to strengthen your protection.

By the Holiest Mother of God:

Remember that what you ask for is what you get. And also, that without asking for it it is impossible to get it, except when you leave yourself 100% in the hands of the Lord and give up all your desires, give your life to the Lord and let the Lord guide you. Then, He takes care of everything in your life according to His Providence, and you just have to thank Him a lot and send your Divine Love to Him many times every day! Because everything that happens to you then is the best for you and everyone!



7 September 2020, by Buddha Vairochana

Learn to cultivate the soil and grow plants without spraying them with poisonous chemicals – both them and the soil, if you want to be Alive and Healthy here and now, and in the future.