Note from Rositsa Avela:

On 6 June 2020, the Father One told Me that He is giving a new Great Mercy to all Beings of Light in incarnation who have preserved their Souls Alive, Bright and Pure. It consists in the provision of additional Help from Above by one of the Higher Beings of Light through a Thought that would be published on the website on days when the website lacks a publication of an Icon, a Guidance accompanying an Icon, a Question & Answer in chapter Teaching or something else.


from the Higher Octaves of Light
to help us today and in the future



4 September 2020, by Presence of the One

Every person with a Living, Light and Pure Soul should be alone on his birthday with God – his Higher Self, and with the Lord so that he can receive from them all the Gifts that are assigned to him as well as the energy that he will need throughout the whole year.

And every hour on the hour, he should direct to his Higher Self the energy that enters his 4 lower bodies, and he should do this in the next 24 hours, starting from the time he was born, i.e. throughout the whole day and night on his birthday when he is awake*. This will prevent the waste of his precious life energy in the world of illusion and the competition of the representatives of the networks of the illusion to take it away from him in the following hours and a few days.


* For example, if someone was born at 6 o'clock in the morning, he/she should direct the energy coming into his 4 lower bodies to his Higher Self during the next 24 hours until 6 o'clock the next day. This is the whole day and night of the birthday.



3 September 2020, by the Beloved Orpheus

The more you sing Divine songs, even if you just try to do it without being focused on the result, the more you activate the 5th chakra – the throat chakra and your Word also improves!



2 September 2020, by the Great Divine Director

Condemnation weakens and destroys the human immune system.

Condemnation lowers a person’s energy and vibrational levels.

Condemnation is a boomerang – whatever one condemns, one immediately acquires.

My Guidance to you is:

Stop condemning if you want to go through the Portal of the Great Transition to the New World of the 6th human race because otherwise, this is without any chances of happening!



1 September 2020, by Lord Alpha

My dear children!

In case you want your 4 lower bodies to be healthy, to be filled with energy and strength, vigour and a high degree of ability to work in full concentration and high speed and quality of work, you need to stop eating boiling and hot food, as well as icy and cold food, and you need to eat only food that has a temperature close to your body temperature.

Because then you will stop losing that considerable amount of energy that is needed to cool or warm the food in your body and repair the damage done to your digestive and other systems!

And this released energy will help you to be much better than before – to work better and increase the quality of your life to a healthier one and ultimately to be healthier and happier!



31 August 2020, by St. Elijah

The Teaching given to you by the Higher Octaves of Light through the UNIFICATION website about your preparation to be able to successfully pass through the Portal of the Great Transition when the time comes and to continue your evolution in the World of the 6th human race, which is now ready and awaiting you, is precisely the Teaching that you need to follow at that moment and also at all times, time and half-time so that you can continue your training and follow it in the time afterwards!



30 August 2020, by Maha Chohan (published on 31 August 2020)

It would be good to work out accuracy to perfection and to do everything in life exactly at the right time, when there is one. Because then you receive help from Above after you have invited, sincerely wished and asked the Father to give it to you. And if you miss this time and do the work at another time, you deprive yourself of the extra help from Above and the protection, and you expose yourself to an additional burden because the representatives of the networks of the illusion get access to you to hinder your work and harm you when you haven’t completed it promptly, after you missed the right moment to do the given thing.



28 August 2020, by St. John the Baptist

Dear Living, Light by birth and Pure Souls, learn to interrupt the conversations that make you feel unwell and are difficult to end. This is especially true in cases when the person opposite to you speaks without stopping and wants to express himself completely, or because he stops and pauses during his speech!

In both cases, at that moment, a representative of the networks of the illusion on the subtle plane, apart from taking away from your energy, also attaches to you new harmful programmes, encodings and blockages or persistent negative states of consciousness, such as various types of fears, for example, or strengthens those you already have.

And when you abruptly end the conversation, that interrupts the process of flowing of the new harmful load into your subtle bodies!



26 August 2020, by Babaji

Work in Joy every day!

And work in such a way as to increase the Joy in the process of work.

Because Joy during work goes hand in hand and it is a sister

of Peace, Good Health and Home Welfare –

for the person and all his closest people with whom he/she lives.



21 August 2020, by Master Moria (published on 22 August 2020)

Consider well all the minuses and pluses of each thing before you start doing it and prepare well in advance for both.

Regarding the minuses, to forgive with all your heart and soul those Representatives of the networks of the illusion who have made sure the negative sides are there and harm you through them at that moment.

And with regards to the positive sides, to thank the Lord and send Him Divine Love, again with all your heart and soul.



20 August 2020, by Lord Shiva

For those who are having a hard time now it will be easy in the last most difficult times!

So, if I were you, I would start working with all my might on both spirituality and materiality, because it is worth a lot!

What each of you does each day of the time that is running in your here and now determines what he will do in the last times and where he will go and arrive in the time after that!

(For more information see Guidance from Lord Shiva from 20 Aug 2020.)



18 August 2020, by Lord Sanat Kumara

It would be good to have the printouts of Thoughts that we give you here and now ready and to carry them everywhere with you. And in moments of difficulty, to open a random page and read the Thought that is in front of your eyes. In this way, it would be possible to give you Support from Above through that Thought to allow you to deal with the situation you are in the best way from the Lord's point of view, whatever happens and wherever you are.



13 August 2020, by Master Koot Hoomi

Take good care to keep your body healthy, because otherwise, the Soul suffers, as well as the whole surrounding space, the Living Life in it, and the Souls of your close ones.

And when the Soul suffers, its energy level descends, and its connection with the Spirit either decreases or significantly decreases, or completely ceases. And then, deviations happen in the energy supply of the person, and his spiritual development stops.



20 July 2020, by Master Nada (published on 12 August 2020)

Everyone can be successful in fulfilling his/her Mission, as long as they wish for it. And when they do it and work on this programme, their Souls are calm and joyful, and they feel internally happy!



11 August 2020, by The Most Holy Mother of God

Everyone, if he wants to be healthy, successful and more and more successful in his life and happy, needs to alternate between the types of work whenever possible. And to carefully choose his next work so that it is in balance with his main job during the day.

(For more information see Guidance from The Most Holy Mother of God from 11 Aug 2020.)



10 August 2020, by Archangel Gabriel

When you are going to have an important conversation and meeting,

invite, sincerely wish and ask for Help from Above

and leave everything in the hands of God and the Lord

after you have sent Your Divine Love Above, with all your heart!



9 August 2020, by Presence of the One

Dear children of Light, enjoy every moment spent in peace and tranquillity with your close ones. Exchange your Divine Love whenever it appears and even provoke its more frequent appearance! Whenever that is possible, manifest it externally so that you may rejoice their Souls. And one more thing – this is the most certain way to strengthen your immunity and the immunity of your loved ones.

Now is the time to create and accumulate these perfect moments and store them up in your treasure’s chest in Heavens. They will help and support you to withstand and successfully pass through everything that lies ahead in the future times until the time comes for you to pass purified through the Portal of the Great Transition into the World of the 6th human race on this planet.

And the planet will also be different, changed, because the planet itself will have passed to a higher energy and vibrational level, and this material world in which you are living now will have ceased to exist.



08 August 2020, by Lordess Pallas Athena

Be free and friendly with all people, without being biased by their race, religion and evolution, or by the energy network they belong to. But also, be slightly distant and without manifestations of Divine Love or negativity. It is best to be in the middle – equal, calm, harmonious and inspiring trust, but also respect, and without becoming too close in these times and particularly in the time that is coming, and especially in the half time after that!



31 July 2020, by Lord Alpha (published on 07 August 2020)

I AM ALPHA, Your Heavenly Father. Today I will give the Thought of the day, which, however, you can read every day, whenever you wish.

I love you with My Father's all-encompassing Love, my dear children of Light! I send it to you constantly, I pour it onto the Light Network of this beautiful planet every moment, supplying it so that you have enough. And get help from the Angels who watch over you in any case of need. This happens every time you invite, sincerely wish and ask the Higher Beings of Light, with all your heart and soul, with all your Divine Love for us, to be given help!



05 August 2020, by The Great Mother of the World

Most achievements accomplished with effort, Strength and Power, and the even greater expectations, requests, hopes, and demands cost far less than a tiny step before the Lord in Meekness, Patience, and Humility before the Lord's Will.

In the first case, the person, despite all efforts, can evolve minimally, and in the second one – immensely and at once!



04 August 2020, by Lord Maitreya

When someone lies, he lies to himself, to God and the Lord at the same time! And he stops his spiritual growth and his progress forward along the Path to God, and his preparation to succeed in passing through the Portal of the Great Transition into the World of the 6th human race.



03 August 2020, by Lord Rama

When one of you has a problem of any kind, it is best to start working hard – much harder than before.

And first to dedicate his/her work to the Lord and ask Him the good karma of this work to be directed to solve the problem in the best way from the Lord's point of view and then to start working.

And while he/she is working, the most important thing is to be in Joy and to give the best of himself that he is capable of, and even more so that his work is of the highest quality and good-fruitful in the Light Network.

Then much more good karma is created, and the problem is solved faster and in the best way from the Lord's point of view!



02 August 2020, by Lord Surya

Be uncompromising towards yourself and your close ones regarding:
blue-dotYour faith in God and the Lord,
blue-dotYour faithfulness to the Father One and
blue-dotYour connection with the Lord's Commandments and Laws and their exact implementation!



29 June 2020, by John the Beloved (published on 30 July 2020)

Work out a positive habit of doing something every day that makes you happy and that makes your Soul feel light!

And also, do something else that will bring Joy to your close ones!

Be radiant and with a positive attitude! And help your close ones to be like that, too!



29 July 2020, by Presence of the One

My Dear Beloved children with Living, Light and Pure Souls, be gentle, tender, kind, meek and all-forgiving to your close ones, every day and day after day, again and again, because their Souls, tormented by the illusion, need this!



28 June 2020, by St. John the Baptist (published on 28 July 2020)

In these times, it is unnecessary for the Living Light and Pure Souls to become a sacrificial lamb!

In the times before the Great Transition, the most important thing is to survive and to pass the Portal of the Great Transition with these bodies of yours!

And if the Father One tells you to do something, you must do it immediately and exactly as you are told, without changing anything, and do it at the exact time.



15 June 2020, by Lord Krishna (published on 26 July 2020)

When someone is well, and his close ones are sincerely happy that he is well, and they thank the Lord and direct their Divine Love to Him because this is happening to their close one, then all of them become well. And the more they do that, the better and better they get.



24 July 2020, by Lord Eliseya

The one who strengthens his/her faith in the Father One and in the Perfection of His Providence in these times, time and half time, will have a much easier and milder passing through the Portal of the Great Transition!



23 July 2020, by the Goddess of Divine Wisdom

The best thing for every person here and now, and in all times, time, half-time and after that is to do the work with the highest priority first every day and day after day!



11 June 2020, by Saratustra (published on 22 July 2020)

Live so that
blue-dotwherever you pass, fragrant flowers sprout after you,
blue-dotwith whoever you communicate, he/she remembers the conversation with you with a warm feeling and mentions you with Good,
blue-dotand whatever you do, brings joy to people and Peace reigns in their Souls from the product of your labour.



10 June 2020, by St. Archangel Gabriel (published on 21 July 2020)

It is a great Good when a person learns to remain silent with ease and kindness to emanate from him then, and when he says something, to bring Joy to the Souls of the people to whom he is talking.