The Lord's Commandments Summary of the Lord's Commandments
by Beloved Jesus

The Lord's Commandments





1. I AM the Lord your God, Who raised you to these genetic roots so that you are a worthy recipient of My Word! Be without other gods except Me, as your Lord. (that is to say – a person should be in only one single religion, Teaching and move forward across that energy level, only in the same egregore! If he outgrows this egregore and moves to the next one (up the spiral), while he continues and progress on the Path, he should remain in the same egregore only!)

2. Live without making yourself an idol either in your deeds, or in your thoughts, or in your aims. And without doing yourself an image of anything that is in heaven above, that is in the earth beneath, and that is in the water, under the earth. And without worshipping them and serving them, because this way you renounce Me and the salvation will omit you! (Because God is within you, not something outside of you!)

3. Live without saying the name of the Lord your God in vain! Live without invoking the God in sinful thoughts!

4. Remember the seventh day, to keep it holy, to self-respect yourself and respect the God, by studying the Lord's Laws. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day belongs to the Lord and your God!

5. Honour your father and your mother, so that you may be well and live long on the earth! Live in peace with your parents to receive the Wisdom of Life!

6. Live without murdering! Either with weapons or with words, or with thoughts, or with feelings, or with anything that kills!

7. Live without committing adultery!

8. Live without stealing!

9. Live without bearing false witness against your fellow men! Live without looking at what the other is doing and without interfering in his affairs with your words, thoughts, feelings, because you say false witness against the God in your spiritual blindness and lack of knowledge!

10. Live without coveting your neighbour's house, your neighbour's wife or anyone who is in his household, or his field or anything that belongs to your fellow men, because this is jealousy towards God!

11. Live without hurting by thoughts, by feelings, by words and by acts others because they are temples of God!

12. Live without destroying your temple, because you will be liable for it to the Father, take care of it and guard it as a temple of God, because it is such!

13. Live without repairing and working on what has been destroyed by someone else before you rebuilt what you have destroyed yourself in the temple!

14. Live without burning your soul for others who themselves have renounced God!

15. Live without leaving a man at the crossroads, because it is going to happen to you as well!

16. Take/Ask from others only what you can give them back (to be without debt), give them only what is yours and always take only what you need!

17. Live without considering yourself a guest where you are the owner! (living where you live now, for example, on planet Earth, and taking care of it as your home because it is such while you are incarnate on it!)

18. Follow these My Commandments and My Laws, if you want to be Alive and have a Good Fruits in the future!


I AM Presence of the One



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* Note from Rositsa Avela: Presence of the One has given completion of the Lord's Commandments one of the days following the vernal equinox on 8 April 2013.


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