Instruction regarding the reading our Messages

Buddha Vairochana

27 March 2013

I AM Vairochana

I have come to help, because many of you have wanted my help and asked me that I give it. Mostly I have in mind lots of very bright souls who worship me even without having read any of the Messages that we give from different sites and in different countries in recent years through our Messengers from Bulgaria and Russia.

Their call for help, however, gives me the opportunity to help everywhere in every possible way, including this one, by giving a Message through this our Messenger for the people of the Western world, mainly because until now they read our Messages.

By helping you, who read these Messages, I help all the other members of the earthly humankind. Because while you read the words of the Messages come into your consciousness, and when you think on what you have read and thank for it, these thoughts of yours come into the collective unconscious of all humanity and become available and are of benefit to all! They become available to those who elevate/raise their consciousness and reach the level at which the content of the message is received by you and then embedded/implanted into the collective unconscious.

We allow these messages to be read by a broad group of people, who are on a different energy and vibration level, just because these people, they lay/(are putting) their thoughts concerning what they read, and what they understood and what has come to them, into the collective subconscious of the earthly humankind at the level at which they are. And then all people who are at the appropriate level can come to our Teaching on the subtle plane. And this is a great help that many actually can get.

That is why reading our Messages can become an important part of your Service to the Common Good when it is done the right way. Therefore, we always advise you and explain you over and over again that way.

Proceed to the reading of the Messages that we give you with a feeling of Respect and Gratitude. When you are reading a Message, show the respect and reverence for the Being of Light that has given it by sending your Gratitude and Love towards him before you begin to read, during the reading, and when you finish reading of the Message. Then it is good to close your eyes and for a few minutes in silence to thank for the Message that you have just read.

During this time, while you are thanking, both the energy and information components of the Message are distributed in your bodies. It depends on you how completely and the extent of the best and most useful way for you this will happen.

The stronger your sense of Gratitude and Love, the more energy you receive and the more of the information component of the Message enters your field, including the one that is inserted into the body of Messages between the lines of the text you are reading. This process is further strengthened when you feel and direct your Gratitude and Love also to the Messenger, who received it through her bodies, using the achievements that she has.

Therefore, the useful effect of the Message is different for everyone – depending on how you do it yourself.

It is also very important that you read the Message when you are calm and peaceful, in silence, without anyone or anything bothering/worry you. Because then you come into direct communication with God within you and with the Ascended Masters who gave the message. It is also very important that you read only one Message every time, because each is given and received from a different energy and vibrational level, and at different times, and there are weaved/intertwined/interwoven various cosmic energy streams in it, even if they were given by the same Master!

It has already been spoken to you on this issue, but few are those who follow what is being said. For this reason I have decided that it would be very well to repeat the most important and explain to you a little bit more, even about the process that takes place in your bodies while reading the Message and thereafter.

Therefore, I repeat once again that it is very important to allocate sufficient time in calmness both before reading, to qualitatively tune into it, and after the reading of the Message.

While you thank the Being of Light that has come by special Divine Grace, to give this Message earthly humankind, intertwining/putting into it his/her energy and achievements and bestowing/giving them to you, apart from thanking it would be good to start thinking about the essence of what you have just read. And when you read, you shall do so with all your attention and with full concentration without being distracted by any side thoughts and feelings.

When you think about the contents of the Message read, note whether you have some questions arising about what you have just read. And ask the Being of Light to answer this question. And if the answer fails to reach to your external consciousness, be prepared to immediately write down your question, and then at the first opportunity to ask this question on the website of our Messenger. That is why and mainly for that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions to the UNIFICATION website – to ask such questions, which will help you for your spiritual development and growth. Your questions can be directed to provide further explanation of something, if you have not understood, but also to request more information if you wish to learn something more.

This is a gift for you, bestowed upon you Divine opportunity and Grace to give you additional Messages and to extend and expand the Teaching, which you receive at the moment through our Messengers. The extent to which this opportunity will develop and how you will take advantage of its beneficial effect depends entirely and solely on you.

By asking these questions, you are helping yourself and give us the opportunity to help you even more. Each question related to a specific Message will be answered by the same Ascended Master, because after you read his Message you direct your question to him first.

So my second recommendation to you is that apart from the Respect and Gratitude, you read with all your attention and vigilance consciousness! Thus, the Messages that we are giving to you could become not only a lifeline for your survival, but also a very powerful tool for your growth!

And the third, also very important, recommendation is after you have read the Message and you thought about what you have just read, and when you have written down your question regarding what you would like to learn more on the topic addressed in the Message, the third recommendation is that you are extremely careful during the following hours, and even throughout the day, so that you preserve the Divine energy additionally received in your aura that you obtained both during the reading of the Message, as well as immediately after the end of reading while you send your gratitude and love. Preserves the Divine energy as a most tender and fragile valuable fruit that you have picked from the Tree of the Divine Wisdom!

Then this work in spirituality of yours will be done qualitatively and completely. And I bless you in this moment that you manage to get the full benefit of this Divine opportunity that is given to you now for the time allotted for it!

I AM Vairochana