The best actions are preventive actions and timely actions, and I urge you to do them!

Beloved Pallas Athena

10 May 2012

I AM Pallas Athena.

I have come to help all children of the Father, especially those of you who want to help themselves and do everything in your power, but sometimes you need a little more to be able to cope with your illusory thoughts, feelings and manifestations that have popped up and poured over you since the moment you firmly stepped on the Path to the top of the Divine consciousness.

It sometimes happens so that again and again, negative thoughts and feelings pour over you. Your old fears overwhelm you, as well as new fears and other negative states of consciousness. Your old bad habits become active again with even greater force, but new ones also appear, and you haven’t even suspected that they are part of your being. And when you realise that it is difficult for you and that despite all your efforts you cannot achieve the desired result, you are only left with the option to raise your eyes towards the Higher octaves of Light and humbly ask for help.

Ask for help instead of getting angry or be overwhelmed with disappointment that you couldn’t cope with yourself this time again. Because every negative thought, feeling and word that arises in you and encourages you to manifest it, deposits your Divine energy in the world of illusion and feeds your illusory part – your ego, which you so much want to keep under the control of your Divine essence.

Beloved, this is a law – the Law of Manifestation, which has been valid for millennia for the students in all schools of Initiations and studying of the Divine science. This Law is now also valid for you.

You know that along with the increase of the vibrations of the planet, the whole humankind has its initiations: everyone wherever he lives. Every person, every day and every hour, passes tests to work out in him/herself everything that is different from the Divine manifestation.

And for those of you who consciously entered the Path of Initiation willingly and with aspiration, this process of karmic purification is much more intensive. All your qualities become stronger and come to the surface! You have to apply a much greater effort to cope with your illusory part. However, your progress on the Path is highly accelerated, and you have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of your consciousness much faster.

You get to know yourself and start to see your true essence, worked off in many and many consecutive incarnations. Due to the Law of Manifestation, as I already told you, all of your qualities are intensified so they can manifest themselves and come to the surface. Thus, you can become aware of their presence in you and wish to transmute the negative ones and put into action the positive ones. Since the action of this Law also extends on all the Divine qualities and virtues which you have worked off so far! They are also intensified and manifest themselves more powerfully in your life.

All this is welcomed in the Higher etheric octaves, and significantly more energy is allocated for you, and you are helped by the Ascended Beings of Light when you have asked for help. This Mercy is given to you because when you manage to gain control of your ego, and you are able to reside in a state of inner Peace, Harmony and Calm, then you will be able to build a new, happy future for this world in which you have embodied specifically now. Being in this state of peace, each of you in whom the fire of the Living Life is burning is able to conduct the Divine energies with much greater force and saturate the surrounding space with them.

This accelerates the process of transmutation of everything that is different from the Divine Manifestation and gives a chance for the changes to happen much more smoothly and painlessly.

One more thing – when you work on yourself, beloved, you give an opportunity to many, many souls, who come in contact with you, to raise their consciousness, and this occurs at the field level, just by the force of the example that you show and the pattern you create by living righteously in this world. Thus, the consciousness of the whole society that you live in can be elevated to the level which is necessary in order to be in sync with the changes occurring on a planetary scale.

This process of changes on Earth is running at full power, and it is beyond the capabilities of anyone or anything in your world to slow it down or stop it because it is part of the process of change of the entire manifested Universe.

And if in the remaining short periods of the accelerated time, the human society as a whole fails to reach a higher level of consciousness, accept changes and in sync at all times with the changes being made, what can happen on a planetary scale is a collapse of society, as it is now, in all spheres of activity and relationships! And this will be caused by a crisis that is unseen and unprecedented in the history of this race, and the complete stop of all operating systems, except those based on work in Joy, in Gratitude and Divine Love to the Father, based on obeying the Divine Laws, and based on the relations of Friendliness, Mercy, Compassion, Divine Love, mutual help and support, acceptance without judgment, Meekness, Kindness, Peace, and mutual respect and recognition!

Today, I have come to give you the information about the various possible variants for the future that the humankind on the Earth is creating now through their thoughts, feelings, words, deeds, actions or lack of actions.

I also came to help you realise all this and to give you the necessary momentum so that you may hereafter act with even greater aspiration, being in the knowledge of how extremely important the implementation is of the new image of life and relationships that I have described above, as the only capable of living in the time that is coming.

I would also like to remind you – you can do something very simple but extremely effective and powerful – bless all Living beings silently or out loud!

When blessing, most often you are positive and in Joy, and you accumulate good karma that helps you to go through the trials of life much more easily, to perceive them more easily because your consciousness is elevated. Your consciousness is connected with the Higher Divine world for most of the day while engaged in blessing, rather than being engaged in superfluous talk and negative thoughts and feelings. The thoughts of the one who blesses aim to help the blessed person, whatever is manifested of his/her essence at the moment. Guided by the feeling of acceptance of everything as it is, and by the feeling of all-encompassing Divine Love, when saying the blessing, the one who blesses can help the whole planet Earth and the Living life on it!

Your Kind Thought manifested in your Kind Word, accompanied by your Kind Feeling that you radiate as you utter the blessing, together with the rising energy and vibration of the planet, leading you closer to the Higher spheres, are capable of creating Divine reality!

Bless the dangerous and difficult situations that you feel are threatening you and your loved ones, or about which you hear that are likely to happen internationally and on a planetary scale. In these cases, you could say:

I bless the following situation… (describe the situation briefly).
I bless this situation to develop and resolve
in a way which is the best possible, useful, and saving for all Living beings,
and is right from God’s point of view!
Bless it, too, Lord – may it be the best according to Your Providence!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for everything!*
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

As for people, I already gave you a blessing which is universal and can be useful and will help the one to whom the blessing is directed and the one who blesses.

Now you can pronounce it like this:

May God Bless you and give you Enlightenment!
I also Bless you to raise your consciousness,
may Divine Wisdom, Power and Love reside in you,
and may you be in Joy, Peace and Harmony
all the time and completely in Light!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Bless with all your heart, with Divine Love, and especially those whose illusory part has gained superiority. They need help more than anyone, though they do not realise that and don’t ask for it.

Do your work quietly and secretly; it is important that it is evident in the Heavens!

Bless everyone you meet. Bless your family, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, friends and your teachers, clerks, supervisors, managers, and members of international organisations! This makes it easier to elevate their consciousness, to soothe, to renew without even realising it!

Bless the whole humankind on the planet Earth!

This may provide an opportunity for a smooth change in all spheres of national and international management and for constantly making wise decisions both at the state level and globally, through which to prevent social and other disasters. These wise decisions can lead humanity toward general international prosperity.

The best actions are preventive actions and timely actions, and I urge you to do them!

I AM Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth.


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* It would be good to thank Beloved Pallas Athena as well:

Thank you, too, dear Beloved Pallas Athena, for this Blessing and for the help!

** It would be good to express our Gratitude to Beloved Pallas Athena after the end of the Blessing:

Thank you, Beloved Pallas Athena, for this Blessing and for the help!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For more details about this Blessing see The Message of Beloved Pallas Athena from 27 November 2010.