Abundantly water both the young generation and the elderly with your Divine Love and Light

Beloved Godfre

29 September 2011

I AM Godfre.

Today I have come again to you, God’s beloved children, as such is the Possibility of the Divine Grace, granted by the Great Central Sun.

In my previous Message, which I gave recently, I emphasised how important it is to apply the Teaching received from us in practice and to create Divine patterns in all spheres of life, to give priority to spiritual values. I have emphasised how important it is that the seeds of the Spirit, sown in the hearts of the people who read our Messages, grow like shoots of the new consciousness.

Now I want to add that this will happen faster if while changing yourself, through your example, you succeed in inspiring the young generation so that they like it and themselves wish to create new Divine designs by obeying the Divine Commandments and Laws and applying their principles in their own lives. And I hasten to clarify that you could sometimes be less successful when you strive to give this impulse to your own children. Very often you are karmically bound with both your parents and your children. That is why you will achieve a much better result if you inspire their friends. This is the surest and quickest way for your own children to be inspired as well.

Use your free time to be with the children and young people who are in God – the ones in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning, and abundantly water their souls with your Divine Love and Light. And the time you dedicate to them entirely, staying with them in body and spirit, will be the best utilised time. It will bring Joy and Peace to your souls and will give you the strength to continue forward along the Path and pass through what awaits you.

When young people are in the Light network, they are able to absorb the Light very quickly, to feel the Divine Love and multiply them. And you may continue to be their mentor and teacher, but soon it might happen so that they themselves give you some of the most valuable lessons in life and help you in the most diverse and unexpected ways for you when you need help.

The other group of people whom it is also very beneficial to help are the older people who are trying to be in God and wish to move forward along the Path to God so that their souls are saved, and their life-streams get a chance to continue their development. Like young people, they have free time, which they could use much better when spending it with you. And then they will get the impulse to do something good and useful, instead of sitting in front of the TV screen, giving the illusion of the rest of their precious Divine energy, while watching another soap opera or listening to the news that will hardly bring Joy in their lives and Harmony in their souls.

Again, perhaps, some of you will have much greater success, giving our Teaching to other people rather than their own parents. However, if you take care of the souls of other people's parents, there will be someone to help your parents as well. Your own example, in this case, is the best teacher.

The Divine Love and Light, which you will give the elderly in your communication with them, as well as the respect that you will show them, will open up for you the possibility to draw on their wisdom and all the good things in their life experience. This wisdom and life experience will be passed to you so that you multiply them in your life and pass them, in turn, to the younger generation to multiply them! You will be able to pass them to those young people who treat you with gratitude and respect, and respond with Divine Love to your Divine Love!

I enjoy the opportunity to be with you today and give you this Message.

I AM Godfre