In support of close people

Beloved Guan Yin

27 August 2011

I AM Guan Yin.

Today I have come again thanks to the provided Divine Possibility.

In this Message I would like to give you some guidance on how you should start working as a team, both with us, by invoking us to help, and with each other, helping each other to be able to preserve your positivity, balance and harmony in all situations of life. Because the transformation of and the salvation from the negative states of consciousness and from the negative karma help you – the Living human beings, but they also help the whole Living Life on this planet to be saved.

That is easier to achieve when while you are walking along the Path to the Father, you get support from your close people. A lone warrior is still a warrior, but you also know the wisdom of Khan Kubrat *, who showed an example to his sons about the strength and endurance of a single twig, which bends from the storms of life, and the same for a whole bunch of twigs.

The time has come for those who are close in Spirit to learn to communicate properly with each other.

That means when one of you is in Joy, he should share it with every close person who is in the Spirit, tell them what a wonderful thing happened to him and then thank together to the Father.

When one of you is filled with Divine Love, he should find a way to connect with other Bright Souls that are close to him and tell them what wonderful Divine Love he feels for them at that moment; then, you should thank together to the Father.

When one of you loses his harmony and positivity, he should call his loved ones in the Spirit and tell them what has upset his balance, and together they should demand, sincerely wish and ask the Lord for help.

When two or more of you ask for this help, and they are ready to help by taking on some additional obligation in their ministry for the benefit of their close person, then the help from Above is given much faster and stronger! Do it, and you will see for yourselves!

For example, someone has a problem in his relationship with relatives, colleagues, neighbours ..., and periodically this brings him off balance. This is indeed a karmic situation, but the more of you who are already more aware join the team to ask for help from Above on easier and faster working out of the situation, the faster this will happen. You just have to be ready to help, just as we are ready to help you.

You should help by giving a particle of your Divine energy until the problem is solved. Every day you can say or do something extra in your ministry, something really small, such as singing a song of Gratitude to our Heavenly Father or saying an extra prayer or invocation… You need to be sincere and willing to help unconditionally and selflessly – without thinking about getting some benefit for yourself and without adding conditions for giving your help. And when some of you decide to help the person, who had already requested that help, and together you direct your appeal for help to the Higher octaves of Light, the appeal will be multiplied, and help will come multiplied as well!

Beloved, do you know what joy I feel while giving you this guidance! I foresee the good results; even now, I see your happy faces and joyfully beating hearts when you witness the results that will be obtained. This will be real teamwork! In this way, you can help each other to become free from your karmic burden much faster and easier, and each one of you will be more beneficial to his loved ones who are still immersed in the illusion of materiality.

Finally, I would like to give you an invocation that you could say every time before you direct your help to your close person through your work in spirituality:

Lord, I ... (the first name)
demand, sincerely wish and ask for help
in transforming the negative karma of … (the first name),
and I dedicate … (a prayer, invocation, song, etc.)
for the best from the Lord's point of view
settlement of the following situation: ……
(describe the situation briefly)
so that …… (the first name) is in a positive tune
and resides in the Divine Light, Wisdom, Power and Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony,
and in a more comprehensive Service to the Father
in fulfilment of the mission of his incarnation,
and I thank You for that!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Your work in spirituality may also include actions in materiality, for example, when helping your close person, you can dedicate the reading of a fairy tale to children you know in whom the Fire of the Living Life is burning. What would be a better ministry to God than gathering several children every day, for example, the neighbours’ children, and reading a folk tale to them, then explaining its moral and telling them about God, the Lord and the Divine Commandments and Laws, about Divine Love, about karma, and finally asking them if they have any questions. Children that carry Light in their souls are hungry for attention, Divine Love, live speech and explanations to their questions, provided in a comprehensive manner and without a rush.

In this way, when thinking how to do good to other Living human beings, through a single ministry dedicated to helping a close person, you can do a much greater good to many more Light souls. And while you are trying to help them feel well, what do you think will happen to your own problems? I will tell you – they will be transformed in the lightest way, almost without you realising how this has happened. Thus, you will always be positive, naturally and by itself, without the need to try to be such!

I AM Guan Yin in Joy and Love to all Living human beings.



* Khan Kubrat – the founder of Great Bulgaria (590-650BC)