Application of the Divine law of non-interference into other people's free choice without their explicit demand and request for that

Lord Gautama Buddha in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena

15 July 2011

I AM Gautama Buddha

I have come back to all Bright souls who have turned to God, using the provided new Grace of the Heavens. Today, I want to introduce one of the pitfalls of the illusion to you so that you can avoid this more subtle trap that lies on the Path of many of you.

It is about doing 'good' to others whom you meet in your life without their explicit request for that. Beloved, this is an illusion – whatever you do for other people with a good intention is interfering with their way of life, and then you have to work out the karma that you have created yourself even though you have been guided by the best of your intentions and a desire to help your close one.

And has it ever occurred to you that the situation in which your close person is could be the best for the salvation of his soul at the moment? Because it is primarily during his suffering that a man turns to God. And the sufferings are working out of his own karma, and they descend in a strictly specified order and frequency at the exact time so that the effect is the strongest, and this is the highest manifestation of Divine Mercy and Compassion, and help for the salvation of his lifestream.

Sometimes, it is even not about the suffering, but the delusions of the people around you, and if you try to free them from their delusions, again guided by good feelings and with the desire to do good, you will again create your own karma, and you will be interfering in God’s work. The Buddha consciousness requires refraining from interference and observing as a bystander while feeling and radiating Divine Love and Support for others’ Path and decisions, be it your parents, spouses, children, friends, neighbours, colleagues..., whoever!

For example, you see that your child is going along a path that is different from the one in which you would like to see him go, and he makes mistakes that you would like to keep him away from to make it easier for him in the future. However, your outer human consciousness may miss the fact that the mistakes he makes now could teach him something which will facilitate and accelerate his progress on the Path in the future.

Another example – you meet someone and talk to him, and he says that he is going to a specific location, but you know that the way that he is going does not lead to the place where he wants to go. But did the man ask you whether he was going in the right direction? If you start to convince him that he is wrong, you will be the ones who are wrong! Because, although moving in the wrong direction, his Higher Self leads him on this 'wrong' path, and the man calmly walks on it, as his inner sense tells him that he is on the right track, and he really is. The reasons for this can be many and various, and all of them extremely important, for example, he may meet his future wife on this 'wrong' path, or someone else with whom they need to work out a karmic debt, or he could see something that would give him the idea for a new and very successful business, and so on. He was directed from Above to take this wrong way, and there was Divine energy used for this purpose.

Now, imagine how your interference would affect the situation if, at the moment in which he says that he is going in a certain direction, and you know that he is going in a different one, you start to convince him that he is wrong and should go another way? And what you will have to work out in the future in your life?

You will ask how to deal properly with this situation. I will tell you right away – with the Wisdom gained from your new understanding that matches the new level of consciousness – to bless him with all your heart to succeed in realising the Divine Providence on his Path, and then you should say, 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!' In that way you will also continue forward successfully along your Path without any unnecessary acquiring new karmic burden to work off.

Now, in your daily life, a new scope for action opens up to apply the Divine Law of non-interference into other people's free choice unless they explicitly requested it and asked for it.

I AM Lord Gautama Buddha gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena.