Use the rescue rope to help you stay on the Path and successfully move forward

Lord Surya

10 July 2011

I AM Surya

Today I have come with great Joy, with another Message for the Earth's humanity. This new Grace of the Heavens was made possible thanks to the commitments which you took upon yourself in your letters to the Karmic Board for work in spirituality, giving every day some of your Divine energy to balance the situation on Earth and for the preservation of your evolution.

In this Message, I will give you one more way in which you could get help from us to stay on the Path and successfully move forward.

Here is the essence of what I am talking about:

It would be good if every one of you writes by hand on slips of paper keyword phrases-sentences from the Messages given by the Beings of Light that you read. I mean those of you who have started to implement the Teaching given by Us and read every day one of our Messages.

Immediately after reading the Message of the day, you could write down on a separate slip this key phrase, sentence or paragraph which made the greatest impression on you. Finally, write the date and title of the Message and the Teacher who gave it. And while writing all this, emanate your Love and Gratitude towards this Teacher of yours. Fold the slip with the text inside and put it in a box or something else, especially chosen for this purpose. Every day add one more keyword phrase from the Teaching which we have been giving to you.

And when you come to a difficult stretch along the Path, demand, sincerely wish and ask for Divine help to resolve this situation, open the box holding the pearls of our Teaching and pull out one of the folded slips. Open it, read it and think carefully about what answer is given to you. You can also read the entire Message, where the text on the slip was taken from. Joyfully thank for the assistance you receive from the Forces of Light at that moment. Multilateral assistance, containing both hints in the text and an energy charge, which will give you the strength to cope with everything!

This method is very easy to implement but requires your personal commitment, constancy, determination, discipline and responsibility.

Commitment is necessary because each of you has to devise his own box with the pearls from our Teaching himself.

Constancy, determination and discipline so that you succeed every day to read one of our Messages and add one new gem to your chest-box, containing our recommendations to you.

And responsibility because for our aid to be efficient, when you write a new slip with a key phrase from the Message of the day that you have just read, and also when you ask for help from Above in whatever way, it is necessary that you always do this in a state of maximum uplifted consciousness and filled with Gratitude and Divine Love towards God.

Then, each slip will become for you a rescue rope which will help you stay on the Path if you slip down and give you the opportunity to continue your progress towards the summit of the Divine consciousness.

I wish you success on the Path inside you, and I am Hopeful that many of you will succeed.

I AM Surya