Preserve your treasure and use it to save yourself and the life on this planet

Master Morya

18 April 2011

I AM Master Morya.

The time has come to finish this cycle of Messages, and I am glad to have the opportunity to say a few more words to our aspiring chelas with pure hearts.

With all the Messages that we have given to you so far, those of you who read them with Divine Love and Respect get as much information and Divine energy as you need to preserve yourself and successfully continue forward on the Path, regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that lie ahead.

But I must warn you that from now on it only depends on yourself what decisions you will make in your life, and where you will put in the additional Divine energy received, and where you will put in your Divine energy in general. Therefore, be vigilant and preserve it in your vessels as the most precious thing.

Keep all your bodies pure, and also keep your positivity. Be radiant and loving to all Living beings around, and be in harmony and equal, with your masks on, whatever they may think and feel, and however they may behave. Then you will preserve your Divine energy, your treasure, and you will even increase it. It is only you who decide whom to give from it. And when you absolutely unconditionally and unselfishly donate some of your treasure to the Forces of Light, to Mother Earth and all Living beings, then it multiplies many times and becomes your best protection.

And finally, I will repeat to you once again to apply our recommendations because this will help you to save yourself. And always remember that on saving yourself and the Living Life on this planet now depends the arrival of the new Bright souls in your world and the establishment of the New Order based on Divine Commandments and Laws.

I AM Master Morya