A recommendation to my disciples

Lord Maitreya

16 April 2011

I AM Maitreya.

Whenever I come to the planet Earth, each time I re-discover its beauty. And once again, I am surprised that most of the humanity is untroubled and continues to contribute to its destruction. At the same time, I see the efforts of those few of you who are trying to give your best in all that you can do to help, and I'm joyful for you. For your sake, the planet Earth deserves to survive.

Today, I have come to tell you that although those who received my blessing a few years ago and stepped on the Path of Initiations did not pass, now in my school of Mysteries there are new students again. And now I appeal to them.

Each one of you feels within himself and knows he has stepped on the Path of Initiations. You have expressed your desire to accelerate your evolutionary development, and I gave my consent for you to begin your training with me. You are few because I myself select my students very rigorously, and many who wished were not allowed, but you are determined.

I would like to give you a recommendation regarding your life in the illusion of the material world, as well as your discipleship with me.

Buy a notebook and start to write in it every evening what brought joy to you throughout the day and thank God for it. And you need to find at least one thing to record.

Then, write down the trial you had during the day that upset your balance, and once again thank, this time for the trial.

Finally, ask the Forces of Light to help you succeed next time in a similar situation when you lose your balance so that you can:
blue-dotquickly remember about your desire to be my disciple, and
blue-dotthank me for the exam through which you are passing, and
blue-dottry to manifest your Divine qualities and virtues at this moment, just when you find it most difficult.

Those of you who follow my advice and do it right, showing zeal and self-discipline, increase their chances to continue their training with me in the future.

I know that there are souls who have come in incarnation to go specifically through this training, and who could successfully pass it and take their place in the ranks of those who bear their Service of the Living Life for the implementation of our Father’s Providence for this world.

I AM Maitreya, your Teacher.