Protection against manifestations of the illusion

Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet)

12 April 2011

I AM Lanello and have prepared today to give you my help so that you are better protected from the manifestations of the illusion regardless of their nature.

The best defence is your constant readiness to meet them with all your calmness, always expecting even the most unexpected. Vigilance of the consciousness – that is what you need to work out. Also, constant readiness for actions – these actions that are the most appropriate for the moment, which you will only be able to do when you have managed to maintain your consciousness elevated.

Being in high spirits is the next thing you also always need to do. That is possible when you strengthen your Faith in the infallibility of the Divine Providence in all situations you have found yourself in, regardless of the whisperings of your illusory part.

For example, you go out of your home, and you think that you have forgotten something important that you will need during the day, for instance, the wallet with the money or the car keys. You are in a hurry for an important meeting, and you lack too much time. You want to be punctual, but you realise that it will hardly be possible anymore. You stay calm, thank God, return home and take what you have forgotten. When you finally leave, you will notice after a while that one block further along your route there was an accident that happened at exactly the same time when you would be passing if you had gone 'on time'. Well, you just need to thank once again with joy.

Beloved, the same thing applies to every other circumstance in your life. Each situation develops in your favour when you follow the Path to God, even if according to others, your affairs are 'obviously' not quite right. In our example, when you are late for an important meeting, and you miss it. Yes, you will possibly miss the meeting, but you will get away with something much more dangerous.

The nuance here, as in any other situation you may find yourself in, is to remain calm and most of all, to thank in advance. To thank with all your heart while being in Joy, rather than doing it so-so or as an obligation you have to do.

You will be doing this quite naturally if you always keep in your consciousness the thought of the help you receive from the Forces of Light. Help that is aimed mainly at preserving your souls and at the transformation of your negative karma. Help that sometimes causes suffering, but only to your ego – suffering that is entirely illusory.

Let us go back to our example again. Even without a traffic accident, the delay for the meeting could prevent you, for instance, from signing a contract for work which would create negative karma for you, as this work would be contrary to the Divine Commandments and Laws, regardless of whether you realise it at the moment. Moreover, it is possible that the person who you were late to meet and whose expectations and possible future joint work you have failed, may have done the same to you in a previous incarnation, and now it is time to work out the karma between both of you.

You understand now – a lot of good results can be achieved with a seemingly unfavourable situation, results that you are not allowed to know exactly while you are in the centre of the events.

Your Faith in God and the Joyful acceptance of everything that happens will protect you on the Path and will help you to progress forward.

I AM Lanello