The picture of the Bright Future

Beloved Helena Ivanovna (Roerich) *

11 April 2011

I AM Helena Ivanovna.

Today, I have come to speak to all people in the world in whom the Fire of the Living Live is burning. I wish to convey to you my Love for the entire planet. The Earth is beautiful but is suffering too much, and all of us, the Ascended Masters, can feel her pain. The man is a beautiful Divine creation, but he has been stuck in the illusion so much that he does not realise it. Thus, he is creating illusory manifestations one after the other. Souls are suffering, and wails are heard from all sides.

It is time for this picture to change.

It is time for you to wish that with all your heart.

It is time for you to make a decision and sincerely ask everything to be transfigured.

Become the painters of the New Age. Start to draw inside yourself a new picture – the picture of the Bright Future of the Earth and all nations together and united, greeting the Rise of the Divine Consciousness in the network of Light.

Once you see this picture, make a wish for this to become your new reality. Make your wish so strong and powerful that you stop the opportunity to live in the old way. Abandon every thought and feeling which are less beautiful than this image, and let them leave you forever.

Speak only Bright words from which the Light of the Divine Wisdom is flowing, or just remain silent. Be silent and enjoy your picture, and be always ready to draw a new picture that is even more elevated and opens your heart towards the Highest Heavenly octaves of Light.

If some people are immersed in the dark colours that they are trying to lay on your picture, your task is to preserve your picture bright and glittering in rainbow colours. And try to show it only to those who wish to see it. And may this picture inspire them so that they also wish to start drawing such pictures. And if they don't want that and insist on remaining enveloped in darkness, then quickly pass them as something unworthy paying attention to.

And when the nations become fascinated in this activity, the Earth will shine with new Radiance. It will be shining with Joy and Divine Love. And this possible future awaits you if all of you start working hard on it now and create it yourselves.

I am ready to help every one of you who starts to draw the New Life in Harmony with the Higher spheres of Light.

And if the nations miss the moment allowed for them to enjoy doing this activity, the Earth will still shine with new Radiance, because it will be time for our Father to start painting. The most important thing for that moment is for you to be ready from now on, at any moment, to leave everything in His hands and to enjoy while He is painting His Picture, and to thank Him, as it will be the most beautiful and the best one for all Living beings!**

I AM Helena Ivanovna


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* Note from Rositsa Avela on 9th March 2016

The Message was originally published as given by Nicholas Roerich, even though Helena Ivanovna (Roerich) gave it. That was allowed from Above, as the best for the moment with regards to the situation then.

** This last paragraph of the Message was added on 10th January 2015.