Important instructions

Master Morya

8 April 2011

I AM Master Morya.

I have come to give instructions on how it is best to behave when something extraordinary happens around you.

The first thing you should do is to remember these instructions and try to apply them.

When you are in an emergency situation, and you ask the Higher octaves of Light for help, you have to be balanced despite everything that is happening so that the aid may reach you in full measure.

Try to thank for everything that is happening exactly in that most difficult moment, even though you wouldn't consider thanking at this time. The sincere emanation of the feeling of gratitude to God gives you the so much needed Divine opportunity to balance your feelings so that you are able to hear your inner voice, the voice of your Higher I AM Presence, who is guiding you at this moment about the best way to proceed in the situation.

Try to look at what is happening as an outside observer, as if it is your recollection of something long past. And try to calmly assess what the possibilities for action are and how to be most useful to all Living Beings.

And act! Work at such a moment is the best means. Work without stopping. Work and simultaneously thank the Father. Work is always in abundance, as long as you want to work. Even when you are unable to perform physical labour, you may encourage and calm the others, you may also pray, and there are so many other things you can do! And do it, guided by the desire to help all Living beings around you. It would be best if you completely stop thinking about yourself. When you devote yourself completely to service of the Living Life, including the Mother Earth, there is always someone that will give you even more than you can give.

Always remember that an exceptional number of Beings of Light are doing everything possible for the events on Earth to proceed in the best possible way.

Always remember that whatever happens, it is caused by the necessity of the moment and is the best for that moment. The extent to which the events will develop around you also depends on your harmony, your awareness and the degree of elevation of your consciousness.

And finally, always remember that anything may happen in a less satisfactory way, but it may also happen in a better way. What will come in the future depends only on your work both in spirituality and materiality for the benefit of the Living Life – of every one of you who are incarnated now – every day, every hour, and every minute.

I AM Master Morya, ready to support your effort, aimed at the service of the United Creation of the Father!