Brief Teaching on Blessing

Beloved Pallas Athena

27 November 2010

I AM Pallas Athena.

It is quite gratifying that the mothers of some of you accept and support our Teaching that you are reading and trying to apply in your lives; they also accept the Services that you are doing and even join them themselves!

If you have received a Motherly Blessing, this gives you the opportunity for much faster growth and progress on the Path of spiritual development. Furthermore, that blessing returns to your mothers, multiplied by the Forces of Light, purifies them and helps them in their progress forward on the Path. You do understand now how important it is for you to bless your children as well.

The same applies to any other relationship between people – between spouses, between a superior and a subordinate, between a teacher and a student, between friends, between colleagues etc. or when you bless a person who is in the network of Light. That is a multifaceted Good because when you help the person with your blessing, it's like you are helping all the others who are connected with him.

This is one side of the coin – to bless the people with whom you have a good relationship and to whom you feel Divine Love.

The other side of the coin is to give your blessing to those who are treating you badly.

I will explain this aspect in more detail because exactly in these situations of life, I see that you need help the most so that you learn to act in compliance with the Divine Law. For example, recall the situations you find yourself in sometimes when you drive a car, especially in the big cities, how you feel and what you would like to say to a driver who violates traffic rules on the road. Or, what you would like to say and what kind of feelings overwhelm you, for example, towards the clerk of a department, where you have to wait for something while she is having a private conversation over the phone? Or when someone behaves rudely and offensively towards you?

There are many imperfections in your world. But we teach you exactly in these moments of your life when you face disharmonious manifestations around you or directed towards you, as well as in such situations aimed at you, to keep your inner harmony, remain in the state of equanimity without doing anything, without making any condemnation and without giving even a particle of your Divine energy to the source of the existing situation. Later, at the first opportunity when you are indoors and alone without being seen by anybody, you may bless the person that was in front of you. And put in that blessing your entire Divine unconditional Love. And thank the Father for all that happens to you with all your Divine Love again.

It is good for you to stop judging the one who commits mistakes against you or others, as he usually does it due to lack of knowledge and awareness in himself about what he is causing to you. Besides, very often behind him on the subtle plane, there is someone from the networks of the illusion who makes him do all this to get as much Divine energy as possible – yours and from the people around you who have such in case they make some condemnation. That happens automatically if they take one of the sides in that situation.

You should remain positive, and when the time is right, bless the person who you think has made a mistake; bless him with kindness, meekness and humility, keeping your inner balance, regardless of whether you are saying the blessing aloud or mentally. You could bless like this:

May God Bless you and give you Enlightenment!
I also Bless you to raise your consciousness!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

And when you start to use this blessing in your life for all negative, in your opinion, situations that happen to you, that would be a new level of awareness and enlightenment for you. Then, the Grace of God will dwell in you, and you will spread it around the world. Because by this blessing, given wholeheartedly to the person in front of you, you give the energy needed by this Soul to wake up from the dream in the illusion. And this is the most useful Service at this point in this incarnation of yours!

And one more thing – usually, anything 'unpleasant' that happens to you is due to your negative karma that needs to be worked off at this moment. The blessing that you will send to the person in front of you, by weaving your Divine Love in it as well as the Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude towards the Father for what happens are the means to the fastest transmutation of this negative karma of yours!

I Bless you to raise your consciousness and to become aware of how important is what I am saying to you now. And when you decide to apply it and ask me for help, I am ready to give it to you.

I AM Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth.



* It would be good after the Blessing to direct our Gratitude towards the Lord:

Thank You, Lord,
for this blessing and the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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