Information about the work that awaits you

Buddha Vairochana

9 November 2010

I AM Vairochana.

Today I have come to give you additional information about the work that awaits you. You need to apply the received Teaching in your life and to start elevating your consciousness. Then, the time will come to give you a new Teaching that will correspond to the new level of your consciousness.

We help those who work on themselves every day, determined and with Faith in the God and the Lord. According to the need of the moment and taking into account the difficulties that you encounter and the mistakes you make, we will continue to give you the Teaching you need for the moment, which you are ready to receive, accept and apply in your life. So, it only depends on you what information you will receive in the future and to what extent. We are ready, and we look forward to seeing the direction of your work so that we can guide you on your Path.

We use every opportunity to be close to you so that you can feel our support and for accelerating the progress on your Path – for those of you who wish it and who demonstrate their aspiration by actions, gradually and consistently applying the received Teaching.

You will have to tune to the new that comes as quickly as possible, to raise your consciousness and synchronise it with the consciousness of these children and grandchildren of yours who are to come into incarnation from the Higher octaves of Light when the time for that comes. Also, to increase the level of your vibrations so that they are always synchronised with the rising vibration of the entire planet.

Thus, working together with you as a team, we will achieve the changes, which have already begun, as an implementation of the Providence of the Father to build a wonderful future for your world – the world of the New Order that is ahead.

I AM Vairochana


*   *   *

Note from Rositsa Avela: After I received the Message of Buddha Vairochana, I thanked Him, and in response, I received His gratitude and the following words:

Everybody needs to realise that they are a part of an overall plan that is implemented with their active participation. And that we will be working together, and that we are one unified whole, which works for the fulfilment of the Will of the Father One, though from both sides of the veil that seemingly separates us. I AM Vairochana