Help for the realisation of the Lord's Opportunity for fulfilment of your requests, desires and intentions

in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena

18 August 2010

I AM Portia.

Today I would like to highlight a few points that will facilitate both your work on the transmutation of your negative karma and the fulfilment of your desires that correspond to God’s Will and the Lord's Providence for you.

Talking to you on this topic is necessary because I see how many of you strive to implement the guidance given by us, but the desired result escapes you. For example, you write a letter to the Karmic Board, describe your wishes and requests, accept some commitments to work in spirituality, and during the next three months you do them*. At first glance, everything looks beautiful, and from your point of view, everything is done correctly. However, three moments may interfere with achieving a positive result.

The first moment – you do everything that you have accepted as a commitment, but during those three months you miss some days, so you decide to catch up and make double the amount due on other days. Beloved, this is contrary to the Divine Law! The pressure on the scale pan with your desire against the pan with your karma – pressure which results in the fulfilment of the duty accepted by you, needs to be stable and steady. Thus, the Law of Divine Harmony is observed, and the energy flows smoothly and in constant flux. Any disharmonious manifestations, such as interruption of the implementation of the commitment voluntarily accepted by yourself for whatever personal reasons or manifestations of the illusion and your illusory part, disturb the established connection between the worlds and the transmutation of your negative karmic records. Think about it – would you be able to ever weigh a product on the scales if you constantly shake the dishes up and down?

You need to work out and implement the Divine qualities of Constancy, Determination and Self-discipline.

The second moment – you do your commitment exactly as you have assumed it, day after day, without any omission, but while carrying it out, regardless of the spiritual practice you use, you are distracted, your thoughts are somewhere in the illusion around you and your feelings as well. During your daily Service, your mind must be entirely focused on what you do, and you have to be full of elevated feelings only – such as Joy, Gratitude and Divine Love. Allow your soul to rejoice in these minutes. Give it the opportunity to touch the grace of the Divine Love streaming from our world towards your being, thanking all the time the Heavenly Father. Otherwise, regardless of how thoroughly you perform your duty, it is like trying very diligently to weigh the flour and pouring it every day but just outside the scale pan. Would you be able to weigh it? And you expect the result of your daily and monthly effort, and you are disappointed when the result is missing.

And third – when you correctly execute the commitments assumed by you, and your daily Service is of good quality, there is one more point that you need to gradually work off in your life, as the speed of fulfilment of your requests and desires depends on it. That is making the right decisions and choices from the Divine perspective in every situation of your life in this incarnation. Then, you will stop accumulating new negative karma that would consistently prevail in the other pan of the scales and hinder the implementation of your aspirations.

I know that everything I just told you, will make you think deeply. I believe that you are prepared enough to hear these words of mine, and besides hearing them, you can take steps to remedy the situation in which you are. It is quite unnecessary to be discouraged because you are also constantly told that we all – the Ascended Beings of Light, are with you, ready to support you in your efforts when they are set in the right direction, with the right motive and in accordance with the Will of God. Many of you have already had many moments in which they tangibly felt our help and intervention after calling us.

Have Faith! Only take obligations that bring you Joy when you perform them. And gradually, day by day, you will notice how your daily Service is improving, and the results will soon occur, then you will only need to rejoice at the Divine Transfiguration within you and thank the Forces of Light.

Today, I am giving you an invocation which can foster the quality performance of your Service. It can also help you to properly direct the energy of the invocations, prayers, mantras, and other spiritual practices that you use to decrease your negative karma on the scales, and the time will come when the scales will be tilted in favour and in fulfilment of the Divine Opportunity for which you are praying.

I recommend that you say this invocation always before starting any work in spirituality:

Lord, I ... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,
if this is Your Will, help me to strengthen the qualities of
Concentration of my thoughts on the Higher octaves of Light and
Concentration of my feelings on experiencing Joy
and experiencing Gratitude and Divine Love
to You, Lord,
during my Service here and now,
which I am doing for the benefit of the Living Life.
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

In conclusion, I will just add that I will be sincerely pleased if you direct your desires and daily spiritual practices to the acquisition of Divine qualities, Divine virtues and Lord’s Grace for yourself and all Living human beings on the Earth.

I AM Portia, and I gave this Message in the presence and with the help of Beloved Pallas Athena.



* Since the summer solstice of 2012 according to the new Lord’s Mercy announced by Master Saint Germain in His Message on 12 May 2012, writing letters to the Karmic Board and accepting obligations to work in spirituality now can be done once every three months instead of once every six months, as it was before.