Teaching on the right use of Word

John the Beloved

4 August 2010

I AM John the Beloved.

Today I am with you again, and I would like to bring to your outer consciousness information on how to talk, how to remain silent, how to listen and how to help yourself through the Word of God.

Beloved, the state of the consciousness of many of you is such that I wouldn't set out to give recommendations on how to speak, but I would say that remaining silent is salvation for you now, in these times, and the only value in your speaking is to thank. Thank God* and the Lord, thank all Living beings and Mother Earth! Then, again joyfully remain silent, knowing that this is the best for you. And when you decide to say something else, it is good if your consciousness is awake, and you carefully choose the words that you intend to say, as well as the way in which you say them – gently, quietly and calmly. And before that, notice the state which you are in when you start speaking. If you find out that your balance is disturbed, and you lack consonance with the Higher spheres, then abstain from speaking. Ask for help from Above*, elevate your consciousness, and then speak. Speak when your thoughts and feelings are calm and uplifted. Then, you will notice that you speak a few words, but say many things. You will start to feel the strength of Word and its creative power. You will notice that whatever you say, it launches a programme for action, and space obediently executes this programme that you have set through your Words. To be capable of serving God, you should learn to preserve the Divine energy that you receive from our world. Apart from preserving it, you should start multiplying it constantly by blessing*, thanking and being silent. You need to understand that in each of your words spoken aimlessly and meaninglessly you put a part of your energy and give it to the world of the illusion, strengthening it and creating karma that you need to work off later. I really don’t want to talk about what happens, what you and your descendants get if your words are judgemental and negative in any way, for any reason, against anyone or anything.

Today I have come to give you the momentum for the right speaking. Use the words carefully and weave only positive thoughts and feelings in them. Do the same when you express yourself in writing.

That is one side of things – when you speak or write to aim at saying only words that are Word, saturated with the vibrations of Divine Love. But there is another side of the medal – when you are listeners to someone else’s words. Again, you have to approach consciously, be equal** or filled with Divine Love to the person in front of you, depending on whether you feel bad or good when he talks to you. Here you are also faced with a choice – whether to stay and listen and take part in a conversation that is negative or to try to point the conversation in a positive direction and if that fails, to stop it or just walk away, preserving intact your Joy and Divine Love towards the Living Life.

Finally, I would like to focus on your attitude to the Word of God when you read our Messages, Recommendations and answers to questions, invocations, prayers, mantras..., regardless of the Master, Prophet or Messenger through whom they came to you. You need to demonstrate your utmost respect by preparing yourself properly before you start reading, approaching with reverence and in a state of supreme Joy and Divine Love, fully realising the uniqueness of the moment of communion with any of the Ascended Beings of Light. Because this Ascended Master put some of his energy and achievements in the Word that he gives you. And when you read his Word, this energy and these achievements flow into your bodies and give you the help and support that you need at that very moment for working off the thing that prevents your progress in spirituality.

I AM John the Beloved



* Note from Rositsa Avela: When a person thanks the Lord and God, when he seeks help from Above or when he blesses, this is a work in spirituality, and he automatically opens himself to God. Therefore, in these cases it is salvation to take the necessary safety measures – to be alone indoors or to cover himself while uttering these words – see the Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity, the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times.

** Translator's note: in the state of equanimity.