Holiest Mother of God

16 July 2010

I AM Holiest Mother of God.

Today I have come especially to you, dear children of Light, who are trying to move forward in life despite all the difficulties encountered on your Path. I have come to those, who humble yourselves when each following karmic situation bursts on you, and you ask for forgiveness for your past wrong choices and understand the action of the Divine Law. I am so glad when I see your progress and especially when I hear that in spite of everything that happens to you, you remember to thank God for it.

At this moment, I have come to thank you for your selflessness, for the example that you set and for the opportunity this example to be followed by everyone else after it has been impressed in the collective unconscious of the human society. It is a few of you, but through withstanding the incoming storms of life one after another, you become even stronger and able to support so many other souls.

I hear your prayers and feel the Gratitude and Divine Love that you send to me from your hearts. I want to tell you that when you invoke me, I participate with you in your daily Service, and I saturate your bodies with my Love. And I am ready to give my assistance to those who are aspired and invoke me to help – to those who are willing to get rid of their weaknesses and bad habits that prevent them from living in the Divine Light, Wisdom, Power and Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony, and thus they can fulfil the commandment of the Father to live happily on this earth.

I take this opportunity to congratulate those who have heeded our words, and some of them gradually, others immediately, decided and stopped watching television, listening to the radio and randomly reading on the Internet and in your press, and also stopped eating meat, using alcohol, tobacco and other substances that are harmful to you.

Do you know that your consciousness then calms down, your vibrations increase, after a while you become able to perceive our vibrations and we can pour into your already half-emptied vessel all that you need for your further development.

Also, when you invoke an Ascended Being of Light, we have the opportunity to stay in your temple. Then, you become our eyes, ears, arms and legs. Thus, you give us an opportunity to penetrate the veil between our worlds and work for the realisation of the Divine Providence.

That cooperation is blessed by God and all the Heavens rejoice when another one of you prepares his temple and learns how to come out of the sea of the illusion even more often and to fly into Heaven's space under the gentle sun rays of the Divine consciousness.

My beloved, I embrace you with my Love, which will Divinely multiply your strength, and I wish you success on the Path of spiritual development.

I AM Holiest Mother of God