Daily self-perfecting

Master Saint Germain

13 July 2010

I AM Saint Germain.

Today I have come to remind you that the Lord's Grace for performing the 'Spiritual practice with the Violet Fire' is still working, albeit selectively – only for those people who can conduct the Divine Light, have the necessary purity of their bodies and are aspired towards the study and implementation of the Divine Laws in their life and towards observing the Lord's Commandments.

For you, this Divine Grace comes to help also as a means of faster working off of your negative karma. The effect which is achieved with the regular quality performing of the 'Spiritual practice with the Violet Fire' in comparison to the standard working off of the negative karma is like comparing driving on the highway to driving on a dusty rural road.

For the Grace to have this effect, however, during the reading of this Spiritual practice it is necessary to fully focus on the text that you are reading, filled with the feeling of Divine Love towards the Living Life, without any distracting thoughts and feelings, which could come over you. Going back to the analogy with the road, it is the same as driving on the highway – you need to focus on the road without staring to the side while driving because the car may turn a little off the road, and when you drive at high speed, this is much more dangerous.

You can always invoke me before the reading of the 'Spiritual practice with the Violet Fire' and ask for help to be successful in being focused during your whole Service. It is always good before you start any work in spirituality to say clearly the motive for which you start it – that you are doing it for the benefit of the Living Life, and also say what you want to use your energy for. And thank the Father for the opportunity that you are given.

When you finish your daily Service, whatever spiritual practice you are using, remain in peace and calm for a while, alone, immersed into the depths of your heart, emanating Joy, Peace and Divine Love to the Living Life in the Universe.

The daily repetition of your Service develops spiritual qualities such as Constancy, Determination, Self-discipline and helps in building up your treasures in the Heavens, your good karma. It also leads you to a state of Balance and Harmony, in unison with the real world of God, so that you fully experience it at least once a day and then have the pattern that you will strive to preserve during the rest of the day. This practice should be repeated every day until the state of blissful peace becomes your inherent constant behaviour and emanation regardless of the circumstances in your life and your surroundings.

I wish you success in your daily work on your self-perfection.

I AM Saint Germain