Teaching on Labour

Beloved Babaji

6 July 2010

I AM Babaji.

Today I have come to broaden your understanding of the Teaching on labour. You know that the right work – that is creative work for the benefit of the Living Life. But now I will add one more element that makes the labour right from the Divine point of view – the creative work for the benefit of the Living Life should be performed in a state of highest Joy and in the presence of Divine Love.

Only if you are feeling joyous while working, only if you think positively and say good words while working, only then your work becomes creative, and its result is the growth of your soul and creation of a Divine pattern in your material world.

This is what you should strive for.

When the soul works in the Higher etheric octaves of Light, it does so with inspiration and with a blessing. You can do the same.

You can thank God for giving you the opportunity to come in that incarnation and to give the best of yourself through your work in the material world.

Before you start to do something, you can ask for the support and assistance of the Ascended Beings of Light in order to get their blessings and to fill up your being with Divine inspiration. Then, the inhabitants of the Light network from the more subtle layers of the Existence can take part in the process of your work, and this will lead to Unification, which is a characteristic feature of the Golden Age.

You can bless the subject of your work as well – the thing you are doing, to fill it with positivity and with your Divine Love and thus to bring them to all the people who will then use the fruits of your labour.

Everything that I am saying to you is quite realistically achievable for every one of you as long as you want that and you are determined to that way of working. Thus, you will lay the foundations of the new relationships with each other and with the Ascended Beings of Light.

Each type of labour that is carried out in compliance with the Divine Commandments and Laws, whatever that labour is, could be saturated with Joy. The same Joy that the children experience when they work. Take your time, watch children, what they do and the happiness they radiate while doing some work by playing.

That is the right labour, and then it is creative and serves the Living Life.

I wish you success in achieving that labour.

I AM Babaji